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    Starbucks is a great place to get a caffeine fix or a munchie... but it's also my personal storefront. I posted a CraigsList ad for my G5 yesterday morning, had several interested parties by noon, and met Andy at a nearby Starbucks in the early afternoon. His reaction, captured with the ep3 + 20/1.7, made it clear we had a deal.


    After I had money in hand, we discussed the finer points of photography and lenses. I showed him virtues of the 45/1.8 for portraits...


    and he let me try out his Sigma 30/2.8. I was impressed at how well this affordable lens does wide open.



    The G5 is a terrific camera, and shooting with it was fun, but I missed Oly ibis and jpgs. And while EP3 is discontinued, it's far from obsolete.
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    Nice photos! Ep3 still rocks, for sure!