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Oly 45mm alternative...

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by Hexagondun, Feb 12, 2012.

  1. Hexagondun

    Hexagondun New to Mu-43

    Aug 12, 2011
    Hey everyone,
    I'm received my ep-3 last week and have been having a blast shooting on the street with the the panasonic 20. I've already been eyeing the olympus 45 1.8 for my portraiture needs, but was wondering if there were some cheaper MF legacy 50's with comparable, if not better, IQ (and bokeh) out there as an alternative option. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. lstzephyr

    lstzephyr Mu-43 Regular

    May 20, 2011
    I think that will be a very personal point of view. I would check out the various photos in the adapted lens galleries and see what you think.

    I have been very happy with my canon fd 50 1:1.8. I have seen a post saying the OM 50 f1.8 is a sharper lens but in the pictures I have seen posted I can't tell. Personally I think any of the legacy 50mm lenses can be as sharp and deliver as much IQ as needed and that composition matters more. I chose FD lenses as they are quite cheap and I shoot film with a FD body. I have less than 5 dollars in my 50mm.

    Here is a portrait I took a while back using my pany G1 and fd 50mm. Composition isn't the greatest but it does show IQ and bokeh.

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  3. supermaxv

    supermaxv Mu-43 Veteran

    Sep 20, 2011
    I am super happy with my Minolta ROKKOR-X 50mm f1.7. However, you should know that legacy lenses can be rather soft when you shoot wide open with them. In my case it's usually stepped down a click on the aperture ring. The Oly 45mm is much sharper wide open.

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/edtang/6460985557/" title="Frida - 12/10/11 by Ed Tang, on Flickr">
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    "640" height="480" alt="Frida - 12/10/11"></a>

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/edtang/6734337909/" title="Auggie by Ed Tang, on Flickr">
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    "640" height="480" alt="Auggie"></a>
  4. nickthetasmaniac

    nickthetasmaniac Mu-43 All-Pro

    Jan 11, 2011
    To be blunt - no, there isn't.

    If you want better IQ and bokeh than the m.ZD 45/f1.8 in a legacy lens then it's going to have 'Leica' or 'Zeiss' written on the side, and it definitely isn't going to be cheaper... The Zuiko really is That Good.

    That said though, there's heaps of very affordable 50mm f1.4's and f1.8's that are probably 'good enough'. Very few of the manual 50's were poor performers so really just pick a mount you like and go for it (I'm a Pentax fan myself).
  5. Promit

    Promit Mu-43 All-Pro

    Jun 6, 2011
    Baltimore, MD
    Promit Roy
    You might look at the Hexanon 40mm in particular, as it's at least fairly compact.
  6. RSilva

    RSilva Mu-43 Regular

    Oct 24, 2011
    The oly 45 is hard to beat if IQ is what you search. In fact, I find it too sharp for some purposes like Woman portraits, even wide open. For the price it sells there is no other lens as good IMHO. I have the Contax G 45mm and I don´t feel the need to buy the adapter for m43, that´s how good it is. The only lens I have that I prefer over the oly 45 is the SMC Takumar 85mm f1.8 just because it has better bokeh, better colors and is softer wide open wich is nice for portraits.
  7. Ned

    Ned Mu-43 Legend

    Jul 18, 2010
    Alberta, Canada
    I would go for one of the 50mm f/1.4's rather than the f/1.8's, because with the f/1.4's you can stop it down to f/2 and it'll sharpen up while retaining the same lens speed as the m.Zuiko 45mm. The m.Zuiko glass, like the Zuiko Digital glass, doesn't need to be stopped down to be sharp, so you get a very usable f/1.8 out of the m.Zuiko 45mm but you'll need an even faster legacy lens so you can stop down for sharpness - or shoot it wide open if you want more bokeh.

    Two of my favorites are the Konica Hexanon 50mm f/1.4 and the Zuiko (aka G.Zuiko) 50mm f/1.4... Both are fabulous lenses. The Hexanon is sharper, but the Zuiko has richer colors. Of course, these are just personal favorites as there are so many choices in the fast-fifties.
  8. KS11

    KS11 Mu-43 Veteran

    Jan 31, 2011
    Busan/Hong Kong
    i have the 45mm 1.8...but couldnt pass by an opportunity to pick up a 50mm 1.4 zuiko OM MC version of the lens.....

    i love the softness and the 'feel' of the pictures.

    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/65210518@N03/6871386131/" title="002 by kaiwa_soyokaze, on Flickr"> View attachment 191412 "500" height="375" alt="002"></a>
    <a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/65210518@N03/6871385785/" title="KS110978 by kaiwa_soyokaze, on Flickr"> View attachment 191413 "375" height="500" alt="KS110978"></a>
  9. mr_botak

    mr_botak Mu-43 Veteran

    Dec 4, 2011
    Reading, UK
    Funny, I keep going back to the Zuiko 1.4/50 as well. Wide open it has a certain ethereal charm. The 1.8/45 blows it away in terms of technical IQ in every respect though. It also focuses extremely quickly.
  10. The Minimalist

    The Minimalist Mu-43 Veteran

    Nov 19, 2011
    At the moment I have the Canon FD50mm f1:1/8. I'm very happy with the way this lens performs. Although I do hope to get the Oly 45mm as well.

    A few photo's taken with it.

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  11. phigmov

    phigmov Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Apr 4, 2010
    One thing about adapted 40's & 50's is that the older ones draw differently - the rendering has a different quality to it when compared to the modern lenses. Not better or worse, just different.

    Depending on what you like you may prefer the look of a particular lens. I'd definitely second the recommendation to check out the adapted lens sample thread. See if you like the look of what you see.

    I enjoy my new Pana 20mm & Zuiko 45mm but my favourite shots seem to come from my old Pen F Zuiko 40mm lens.
  12. drizek

    drizek Mu-43 Veteran

    Aug 5, 2011
    If you can't afford it, sell your 20 and buy the 45.

    You'll thank me later.

    As others have said, there is nothing better. No lens from the 70's is going to have the same coatings as one made in 2011. Nevermind the pain of having to MF compared to using an MSC lens.
  13. edmsnap

    edmsnap Mu-43 Veteran

    Dec 20, 2011
    Edmonton, Alberta
    My pick was the Canon 50mm f/1.4 mostly because I have already joyfully owned it for 3 decades. You can pick an EX+ to LN- one up on KEH or eBay for a quarter to a third the price of the Oly 45mm. Colour, sharpness, bokeh, and speed are all strengths. It's a solid lens that just feels great. I think the new-FD mount version "fits" better on µ4/3.
  14. Declan97

    Declan97 Mu-43 Veteran

    Feb 3, 2012
    Padang, Indonesia
    I also wonder what else for the old nice glass with in 40&45mm to get the 80&90mm in 4/3?

    Sent from my GT-I9100 using EP-L1
  15. RSilva

    RSilva Mu-43 Regular

    Oct 24, 2011
    That's what I did, I sold the 20 after getting the 45, but on the rest I can´t agree with you, there are lens of the 70's with excellent multi-coatings, plus I love the touch that single coated lens give to the images, in fact I'm searching for lens with primitive coatings or none at all just because of that special rendering they produce. I believe Voigtlander still sells single coated versions of their modern lens.
    It´s in fact hard to manual focus but by the time you get used to it you will have a lot of fun and get better images doing it that way since while you are spending time to focus, you are actually giving more time to compose and think the scene.
    I would propose the SMC ou ST Takumar 50mm f1.4 since it´s dirty cheap and actually one of the best fast normal lens ever made. Doesn't have the Oly 45 IQ, but who said IQ is everything? Try it wide open and see the outstanding results.
    But don't get me wrong, The oly 45 is a must have lens.
  16. locus000

    locus000 Mu-43 Rookie

    Apr 10, 2011
    I completely agree, I have both Minolta 50mm f1.7 and 45mm F2 and the 45mm is so much sharper wide open. I stop using the 50mm because it was so soft.
  17. Ned

    Ned Mu-43 Legend

    Jul 18, 2010
    Alberta, Canada
    If you like uncoated lenses, the Russians made some excellent ones. My Jupiter-3 from 1953 takes fantastic photos, and I can't believe just how clear and clean the glass still looks after so many decades! Of course, the single-coated Zeiss versions are also awesome as well.
  18. Blue Esprit

    Blue Esprit Mu-43 Regular

    Jan 19, 2012
    London, England
    My favourite at this sort of focal length. MF of course but not hard to do if you don't have to shoot instantly.

    Left the OVF on for use with the my Panny 14mm.

    Attached Files:

  19. Ned

    Ned Mu-43 Legend

    Jul 18, 2010
    Alberta, Canada
    Yes, that is a sweet lens. :)  I gave mine up only because of preference for the f/1.4 version. I don't like the clip-on optical finders though, as they don't allow focus. I don't know how you could use that with a manual lens? :confused: 
  20. Blue Esprit

    Blue Esprit Mu-43 Regular

    Jan 19, 2012
    London, England
    Hi Ned

    I only use the optical viewfinder with the Panny AF 14mm lens. Just left in on in this shot ;-)
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