oly 35mm 3.5 macro with 4/3 adapter


Since oly does not and has not come out with a m4/3 macro, and the panny leica 45mm macro is just way over price. I went with the 4/3 macro with the adapter. It is still a small enough lens so it does not disrupt my compact travel camera kit that the epl1 is for me. With the adapter and lens it was still a sub 300 dollar true macro setup.

It takes excellent macro for hand held close up, and if you do mount it on a tripod it gets some decent 1:1 results. Do not try to put a ex25 extension tube on it, while it will work, it will give next to no working distance but you get 1.63:1 mag, way over kill.

Here are some hand held result with the 35mm 3.5. AF works, a tad slow, but MF will yield better results if 1:1 is your goal. None are cropped, and all but the bee and white flower were OOC.


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That's encouraging, since I have just acquired an E-PL1 body and have the 35mm from my Oly DSLR kit. Love your images. Thanks for the inspiration.


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Show us real macro, not just close-ups :)
More isolated subjects.

Honestly speaking, these shots are just nice, nothing more. For me 45mm is not overpriced, but there is no sense to discuss it. Samples in below thread are much more better macro shots:
Fun with the Lumix/Leica 45 macro - The GetDPI Photography Forums

Also 90mm (@35mm) focal is much more unviersal, not only for macro - at least for me.

To sum up - 35m f/3.5 Macro is fine lens, an alternative, but you won't get the same, as with 45mm Macro, that is also very sharp and renders color nicer to eye than 20mm (probably important when photographing people).

Maybe show us more samples - both macro and some portraits?

Here you can find some portraits with 45mm Macro - not even with widely open lens, but closed a little:
Greenfield Village - a set on Flickr