[EXPIRED] Oly 14-42mm & Alt Glass

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    Apr 5, 2011
    Selling an E-P1 with a bunch of manual lenses as follows:
    For shipping, it depends on the size, but most lenses will be $20 shipped and insurance. Larger lenses will require a quote at the shipping office I can get. Add 3% for Paypal Regular.
    E-P1: $SOLD
    14-42mm Olympus Zuiko: $110
    Pics: http://db.tt/6gKEIh2

    Most of the manual lenses exhibit some amount of dust, but nothing out of the ordinary for lenses of this age. If lenses include caps/cases/boxes, they are shown in the picture. Pics taken to show dust, any issues.

    Feel free to PM any questions

    Olympus OM:
    1) 50mm f1.8 (made in japan version): $SOLD
    Pics: http://db.tt/yO5BVlE
    2) 50mm f1.4: $SOLD
    Pics: http://db.tt/m1Xh6i8
    3) 28mm f3.5 (stiff aperture): $SOLD
    Pics: http://db.tt/Tlx5dHG
    4) 135mm f3.5: $SOLD
    Pics: http://db.tt/g1ZAPSO
    5) 75-150mm f4: $25
    Pics: http://db.tt/yvZg4Xl
    6) 200mm f5 w/ caps $SOLD
    Pics: http://db.tt/rTgyvPo
    7) 300mm f4.5 w/ caps $250
    Pics: http://db.tt/bySsYH8

    Canon FD/FL:
    8) Canon FL 135mm 2.5: $35
    Pics: http://db.tt/pvTaYum

    Leica M39 mount:
    9) Canon RF 135mm f3.5: $85
    Pics: http://db.tt/AQZDSwI
    10) Telisar 135mm f3.5 (issues with coating): $SOLD
    Pics: http://db.tt/kEr4pfu

    11) Mamiya/Sekor 200mm f3.5 w/box: $75
    Pics: http://db.tt/Dggz4TL
    12) Aetna Rokunar 180-410mm f5.6: $40
    Pics: http://db.tt/XPZVuPe
    13) Tamron Auto Zoom 85-205mm f3.5 w/ case: $40
    Pics: http://db.tt/5ShbM2P
    14) Fujinon 55mm f2.2 (cracked case above aperture ring): $15
    Pics: http://db.tt/EnCMzB9

    15) Caspeco 135mm f2.8 w/case : $15
    Pics: http://db.tt/B9y9xly
    16) Tele Lentar 300mm f5.5 w/case: $50
    Pics: http://db.tt/Tn4Hf3v

    Also selling a bunch of fotodiox adapters to m4/3:
    m42, c-mount, t-mount
    Pics: http://www.dropbox.com/s/0vybeux1ha2pvvg/olympus ep-1 & alt glass/adapters.JPG
    All pics available here: http://db.tt/1Leap9A
    $20 each, or $55 for all 3
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    Apr 5, 2011
    Bump, still available