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    I started driving just before the second oil crisis of the 70s. Where to get your next tank when many stations were out, long line, being limited to $5 (about 50 miles worth with those old cars lol). I'd start to worry when the fuel gauge would start getting too low. It was such a sense of relief when you could actually fill the tank. To this day I still get a brief pang when my fuel gauge dips below a 1/4 tank.

    With photography I occasionally have to remind myself I can shoot and shoot and shoot and not worry about using up my film, or wasting money developing errant shots in the roll. What a difference that is from the days of film.

    Funny how my kids will never have a sense for worrying about conserving film, or only having 7 TV channels, corded phones, or having to get off of the sofa to change a channel, or wait for a commercial to go to the bathroom. Living with heat and humidity without air conditioning...in school. :)  Of course, I don't know what it was like to collect your own eggs, or butcher your own chickens, life without 7-11 stores....

    How many shots left on the roll? ...oh yeah.
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