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    It was a little unfortunate for me the other day when I came across a small collection of wonderful historic cars at the Blyth Steam and Thesher Show. Each one had a huge piece of white paper with the details about the car - obscuring the windshields. Yellow tape was on the grass underneath, and almost all of the grills and chrome details were interupted by license plates that I did not want to include. I simply could not find interesting angles or even useful detail shots for the most parts - - - so only spent a few minutes grabbing 15 or 20 images including these:





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    Rob, you got some nice captures in spite of the obstacles.
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    Often these types of car shows or car meets, are not ideal for images because of crowds or the signs and whatnot, but in spite of those issues I still shoot and shoot away, and try and make the best of it, I always say a shot is much better then no shot.
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    Beautiful cars! It's great that you could find angles like these. :cool: