oi.share ... where is there any info on it?

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by NameIrrelevant, Dec 28, 2015.

  1. NameIrrelevant

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    Dec 28, 2015
    Hey helpful people,

    Where is the manual or any useful info on how to use io.share (I'm on Apple phone).

    The info in the app is clearly too general and useless.
    All I can find on the Olympus website is a FAQ... which of course is questions they THINK people will ask, not what they actually ask.. Spent an hour on the Olympus website, everything directs u back to the useless FAQ.

    My questions for example...

    1. I get the remote view all linked up and happy (no small feat!). Then as soon as I try to do anything with it, (zoom, record video, whatever) it says, "Cannot find an Olympus camera". YES my phone is connected to the camera's wifi. YES the oi.share app itself says I am connected. What gives? I am like 8-10 feet away.
    Everything is happy....except it doesn't work. Well it seems to work from 6 inches away...is the range really < 8 feet? Really?

    2. 16 seconds max video? Really? There must be a way around this right? I can't find a way. Another 2 hours wasted looking for a way. (The helpful Olympus guides are mostly too old to even know that video is possible now, and NONE of them even mention a 16 second limitation.)

    3. Simple question! There is an icon that toggles between a finger pushing a button and a finger over a..box? There is no description of this icon anywhere! What does it mean?

    4. So all this adds up to... WHERE IS THE MANUAL?

    Ideas anyone?

  2. Clint

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    Apr 22, 2013
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    1 & 2 - Some phones have 'smart' technology to help you! They automatically switch to other networks - go to Settings, WiFi, Smart network switch or similar and unselect it if it is selected. Also unselect Always allow scanning. This should help your phone stay connected to your choice network.

    On some Samgsung phones, a reboot may help connect or to keep a connection.

    3. Finger over a box, focus here. Finger pushing a button, focus and release shutter.

    4. ????
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