Official EP-2 Firmware Wish List Thread


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I've only had the E-P2 for less than a week. Having "migrated" from a GF-1 (to get the in-body stabilization), my first item (I'm sure there will be many more):

Ability to program the "Fn" button to be MF Assist, from ANY info view screen.


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auto iso

I would like to know what iso setting the camera has when set to "Auto Iso". That´s all for now, but I´m sure I´ll think of more things the more I use the camera.


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My wish is that the camera would revert to the preset Custom Settings, rather than stay with whatever changes were made and expect me to remember to Reset. This is one of banes of my camera existence because I am generally too inept to remember to do it or reset it properly.:drama:


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+1 on making the Fn button configurable to switch manual focus assist on & off. I would like to leave the screen in grid mode all the time, without having to switch display modes just to get manual focus magnification. I find myself constantly fighting the E-P1 with the current clumsy implementation - easily my #1 gripe - possibly even my only gripe.


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* Faster AF!!!
* Better refresh performance for the LCD while some of the Art Filters are being used.
* Better processing performance for some of the Art Filters.


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*Ability to shoot in full manual with art filters (instead of ev+-)
*Double exposure not hidden 20 levels below (gimicky but cool after I found it)
*Stabilize the Manual Focus assist... Come on really.. That thing is almost useless in certain situations
* LEICA ART FILTER... come on easy....

* Faster AF!!!
* Better processing performance for some of the Art Filters.


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In order to use the MF Assist or Enlarged Display on an E-P2 you need to use the "OK" button to begin AND again to cancel the zoom, since pressing the shutter does not do so. (The G1 does cancel zoom when you shoot!)

A half-press on the shutter button should cancel the zoom, as it does on the G1. That would make things nice and fast.

Could you please add that to your list of features in the next E-P# firmware release.


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"lock settings " -- so that the too-easily changed ISO/WB/AF//SHUTTER settings can be fixed temporarily; especially useful as i'm often digging my PEN out of a pocket for a quick shot


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*EP1 firmware upgrade ;-)
Oh yes ! Focusing distance and hyperfocal scale with native :43: lenses screen please !

*Focus confirm (particularly in manual mode)
Impossible with current e-pen sensors. Such a function is ruled out by contrast detection AF. It needs phase AF to work (like in DSLRs, where the mirror is used as a beam splitter by the AF system).

*Horizontal/Vertical level in all views
You might try grid views ; they're a good composition tool, and they help stay level while showing more info than levels view.

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Oh yes ! Focusing distance and hyperfocal scale with native :43: lenses screen please !
Could be possible on screen: my Panasonic LX-3 did have such a scale (if smallish and crude).

But what I miss most is the "DEP" mode of early Canon Eos, like my regretted RT's pellicle-mirror SLR's:

Focus once far, confirm; focus near, confirm (or vice-versa). The camera would then set the focus in-between AND select the adequate f-stop.