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    Spotted this over at Metafilter and thought others might be interested due to the Olympus connection. Obit links collected here -

    “Colour is too noisy; the eye doesn’t know where to rest"

    I've seen many beaten up Leicas but it looks like she was an OM-1 fan - using four over 40 years

    Sad circumstances to be discovering a new photographer, but she certainly had a knack for portraits - the linked one of Samuel Beckett is amazing

    I'll have to track down the documentary about her

    And how to take a Jane Bown portrait
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    Best obit is at The Guardian.

    In stark contrast to her mostly male peers, Jane was supremely uninterested in camera equipment. With some reluctance, she abandoned her beloved Rolliflex in the early 60s, first migrating to a 35mm Pentax before settling on the OIympus OM1 – she owned about a dozen Olympus cameras, all bought secondhand. Throughout her career she referred to herself as a “hack”, and even when her reputation was at it height, she always deferred to the picture editor. She worked almost exclusively with natural light and ignored the camera’s in-built light meter, preferring instead to hold a clenched fist away from her body to see how the light fell on the back of her hand. In fact, Jane once admitted to me that her preferred setting was f2.8 at 1/60 second and that she would, if at all possible, conspire to make the environment work at this setting – indirect sunlight from a north-facing widow would usually achieve it.
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