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    I just picked up an E-PL2 from another member of this forum{thanks skibinski}. So now I have an E-PL1 and an E-PL2. I also got an E-PL1 for work so there is always one there and I don't have to lug mine for those times we need a shot or two of something.

    I have not had a chance to shot with the E-PL2 yet{need to get a card}. Here are my observations however. Overall very similar BUT I like the larger shutter release and the video record button is shielded from accidental engagement{I had to turn that button off on my E-PL1}. The flash seems to be better built on the 2 and the button layout seems more logical to me. The screen is a bit larger but it sticks out making it easier to damage{the E-PL1 has the screen recessed a bit}.

    The lens was the biggest surprise however. My E-PL1 had the old 14mm-42mm kit but the 2 has the type II kit lens. I knew that it was a bit different to allow the hood and accessory lenses to fit but it is physically smaller in diameter, it is a little longer though. The focus ring on it is much stiffer, almost too stiff but I usually don't use manual focus on the kit lens anyway.
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    Since you have the 2 models 14-42 I and II, on the E-PL1, could you tell me if the autofocus video is faster with type II and if it is not always trying to focus even when staying on a subject, because with my E-pl1 lens type I it's terrible. If type II is a lot better I will buy it.

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    I did a couple of tests and they seem to focus the same. The type II maybe is a tiny bit better but nothing very noticeable. They both track better if you set it to CAF-TR and lock the focus onto your subject. Even true camcorders can hunt with AF, even $5k-$10k ones. I do video work as part of my job so I know this to be true. This is the reason why pros use manual focus pullers. Sorry that it isn't better. I bet the new Pany f2.8 optimized for video zooms work better than these kit lenses however.

    Side note:I have found out that the E-PL2 focus a little bit better in low light.
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    I've had both lenses and the newer version is much quieter when it focuses. Speed is pretty close.
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    Jun 21, 2012
    Thanks guys!
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    Congrats ..I love EPL2 and this a PEN with best ergonomics . I have GX1 and OMD but still have soft spot for EPL2. It shoots clean videos and focuses better in low light .
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    The Olympus 14-42 MK I has always had reputation for being a slow focusing lens. It's about the same speed as the Panasonic 20mm, which has recently become known as a sluggard, although the never bothered me in the past. With the 14-42, the front barrel moves in/out on any refocus, and you can see the image shiver on the LCD, which may contribute to a sense of waiting, In low light, focus will slow down because there's less contrast.

    I just compared my two versions of the Olympus 14-42. The older one is probably just a little slower in bright light, and slower yet in poor light. I don't really have a accurate means to measure this. A 45mm is noticeably faster. The 20mm and 14-42 MK 1 feel about the same, and the MK II seems a bit crisper. This is all with an EPL1 body.

    The other comparison points between the two lenses is whether the newer two-turret design works better with IBIS than the three turrets, and how they compare in sharpness. Inherently, a stiffer lens has got to be better, but I never had any complaints about the old one wobbling.

    I think that replacing an existing kit lens with another kit lens is not a big enough leap forward.
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    Jun 21, 2012
    ok, I will stay with my type I then.
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    I do have to agree that the ergonomics are a bit better and I did find that it does focus a bit better in low light{a problem I do not like about my E-PL1}. I do not understand why OLY did not put an AF assist light on the E-PL1 and E-PL2! The E-PL3 has one as does the cheaper E-PM1 but I do not like the design of either of those two lenses. I do plan on getting an E-M5 next year once the price comes down a bit but these will tide me over until then.