Novoflex MFT/PK (or other) adaptors

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by Dave Reynell, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Dave Reynell

    Dave Reynell Guest

    From what I've read, I gather that the Novoflex Pentax K to MFT adaptor is the one to get ?

    No point in trying to use top-quality Pentax legacy glass with a wobbly adaptor.

    Does anyone have any other opinions ?

    With thanks

  2. dougjgreen

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    Jun 5, 2013
    San Diego
    Doug Green
    They're certainly good adapters, but whether they are actually any better than a $12 FOTGA adapter is a different question. Adapters are passive, and if they are the right size and they fit, they are all functionally the same. I find that over 90% of the cheap adapters are not wobbly at all, and work fine. Personally, I find that using a $100 adapter for a $50 legacy lens is silly, when inexpensive choices work just as well.
  3. Dave Reynell

    Dave Reynell Guest

    Point taken Doug. The only trouble is that I live at the bottom end of the planet and, locally, adaptors are unobtainable so one has a choice (a) buy the best and be done with it, or (b) try a number of cheaper ones, but spend lots on getting them here + tax !
  4. RDM

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    I have not yet purchased a K Mount adapter but I have purchased other type's. I used FD, MD and AR mount adapters. I did also have fitting problems and had to return them for exchange; the second FD adapter received is what I still use (both were fotga). The first AR mount adapter I purchased works well and I have no complaints so far, but I went through 4 MD adapters. The 1st one I purchased cost 22 dollars from a well known camera store (i shall not use the name here) and all my MD lenses fit loose except for my T-mount Mirror lens. I exchanged it and with the second one most of my lenses fit very tight and some not at all being too tight. So I jut returned it and ordered a $12 Chinese figuring I would get the same quality, and i did. All but 4 lenses fit well. Two are slightly loose; the wobble is barely perceptible. Two are super tight fitting with one not being able to twist to lock. So then like the OP I thought about purchasing an expensive adapter so that I would not have any mounting problems. So, since I own mostly MD mounts lenses (so many) that was the adapter I was going to purchase. Personally, I find that using a $100 adapter for a $50 legacy lens is never silly, when inexpensive choices will not work just as well. Especially if you have many $50 legacy lenses to use on that $100 adapter, (an asuming you can find a high quality adapter that only costs one hundred dollars) it would be money well spent.
    I considered the high quality and well reputed Voightlander or Novoflex, adapters, with their high price; but due to the price I was not able to get myself to pull the trigger right away. Both branded adapters were around two hundred dollars.. wow. So after some research into what makes them so good and if there's a good inexpensive alternative copy unlike the Chinese adapters, I found that the Kipon brand makes some very good adapters with attention to quality for a modest price. I got one of their adapters for about ninety dollars shipped.
    I think they are the best adapters for the money.
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