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    I enjoyed a recent visit to Nova Scotia which allowed me to rekindle my love of photography and micro 4/3 cameras. I recently purchased an old Panasonic G3, some manual focus lenses and adapters and set off on my travels.

    I originally got into micro 4/3 in order to use longer manual focus lenses (Canon fd 300mm f2.8) on a digital body. The two times lens multiplier made these longer lenses unbelievable value for their reach and clarity.

    As I got into the journey, I purchased a couple of old manual focus zoom lenses from the Halifax Kajiji in order to round out my photographic tool kit.

    The Fisherman's Preserve located just out of Three Fathom Harbour (a panorama taken using a Minolta 70-300mm zoom)
    Deer Grazing on the Grass The Farrier
    My Bicyle and Some Fish Traps
    Mario - The Barn Cat
    Eastern Passage
    Fishing Village
    Getting Some Air
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    Dec 11, 2014
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Glad you enjoyed your trip to the "right" coast. :)  You hit us during one of the driest summers in memory.

    You got some good pics from the Eastern Shore, by the looks. How far did you travel in the province? There's lots to see and photograph here. I live on the South Shore, but the whole province has a lot to offer.

    East Coast Pics
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    You guessed correctly, I spent most of my time on the Eastern Shore around Lawrencetown Beach. I traveled the South Shore and got down to Yarmouth and back up through the Valley. It is an understatement to say that beauty was everywhere.

    You have some stunning pictures in your East Coast Pics link. Thank you for sharing. :

    More images from my trip:
    The ever present fog
    Old Fishing Cabin
    A Day at the Beach
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