Norway hiking - Rondane Nasjonalpark

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    Jan 11, 2011
    The final part of my Norway adventure from last year. These photos were mostly taken within alpine areas of the Rondane Nasjonalpark, a few hundred kilometres north of Oslo.

    Please check out the write-up for this section here, as well as Part I and Part II.

    Shot with a GH2, Lumix 7-14mm, Nokton 25mm and m.ZD 45mm.

    <a href="" title="Kaldbekkbotn by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8619988867_c284d87224_b.jpg "1000" height="667" alt="Kaldbekkbotn"></a>
    The upper Kaldbekkbotn

    <a href="" title="Søre Smedhamran (1922m) by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8619987847_4222ef7972_b.jpg "1000" height="667" alt="Søre Smedhamran (1922m)"></a>
    The knife-edge ridge of Søre Smedhamran (1922m)

    <a href="" title="Me above Langholet by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8621086992_92104a5d12_b.jpg "1000" height="667" alt="Me above Langholet"></a>
    Self-portrait above Langholet

    <a href="" title="Vassberget (1855m) by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8621085096_67974ffb22_b.jpg "1000" height="563" alt="Vassberget (1855m)"></a>
    Vassberget (1855m)

    <a href="" title="Langholet by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8621084278_f9dd21826e_b.jpg "1000" height="563" alt="Langholet"></a>
    The remarkable glacial form of Langholet

    <a href="" title="Looking down Dørålen - Skagsnebb (1592m) to the left by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8621082312_0d4b162081_b.jpg "1000" height="667" alt="Looking down Dørålen - Skagsnebb (1592m) to the left"></a>
    Cairn in Dørålen

    <a href="" title="Dørålen by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8619982065_037ed66b20_b.jpg "1000" height="667" alt="Dørålen"></a>
    Moss detail

    <a href="" title="Night 9 camp - Dørålen with Digerronden (2016m) behind by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8621081072_1c13a04a3c_b.jpg "1000" height="562" alt="Night 9 camp - Dørålen with Digerronden (2016m) behind"></a>
    Night 9 camp in front of Digerronden (2016m)

    <a href="" title="Vassberget (1855m) by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8619980563_e29019b3d3_b.jpg "1000" height="667" alt="Vassberget (1855m)"></a>
    Another angle of Vassberget

    <a href="" title="Svarthammaren (1751m) and Svartnuten (1840m) by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8621078868_8872dc93db_b.jpg "1000" height="625" alt="Svarthammaren (1751m) and Svartnuten (1840m)"></a>
    Average weather near DNT Rondvassbu

    <a href="" title="Up the valley to Rondvatnet by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8619977097_44a0a533c4_b.jpg "1000" height="667" alt="Up the valley to Rondvatnet"></a>
    Up the valley towards Rondvatnet

    <a href="" title="Across Store Ula towards Kaldbekkbotn by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8621076090_69fda5589c_b.jpg "1000" height="667" alt="Across Store Ula towards Kaldbekkbotn"></a>
    Looking back towards a clouded Kaldbekkbotn

    <a href="" title="Storulfossen by nickthetasmaniac, on Flickr"> 8619975355_083caeea15_b.jpg "750" height="1000" alt="Storulfossen"></a>
    Storulfossen - a fine way to end
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    Wonderful trip, shots, memories!

    As I look at these, Livinius', Buphinder's, I have to wonder if Australians spend much time "in country" You must have a little more time off than Americans! :)

    Well done.

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    We're not adverse to chucking the odd sicky and going wandering :smile: