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    Recently my girlfriend and me went for a trip to the north of Spain, a region that me, despite being spanish I never had the chance to visit properly. Happily, I took my recently purchased Panaleica 15mm and the even more recent Lumix 12-35 f2.8 to test them heavily, and I must admit I am deeply impressed with both lenses. Very sharp and very contrasty. I was surprised when I downloaded on LR to discover that the photos required minimal adjustment.

    We started our trip going to Covadonga, the place where supposedly the cristian inhabitants of the iberic peninsula started to reconquer the land from the muslim invasion. On top of the region there are two lakes of glacier origin that despite small are very beautiful and well known.


    The lakes are in the "Picos de Europa" national park, a mountain range strickingly beautiful that sits very close to the Cantabric sea. Also, beautiful, hard-to-access valleys are spread all over the mountain range


    Potes, laying on one of those valleys, must be one of the most interesting villages in the region, with its medieval, cobblestoned streets


    In the coast, one of the nicest spots must be Lastres, a small fishermen village with nice beaches and hilly streets

    19809321831_3f85db39af_h. 19616478910_3b2b95c573_h.

    Llanes is another of those interesting villages, with a medieval old town and nice beaches in the surroundings, always framed by the heights of the Picos de Europa

    19797191572_1748b22ce1_h. 19804509615_e15a05e8a5_z.

    Following the coast, getting away from the Picos the Europa, Santillana del Mar is another enchanting village that looks the best when the sun goes down

    19778299256_1ccb4a66c4_h. 19809305501_69747864bf_o.

    Very close to Santillana, Comillas is another town well worth a visit, with an array of palaces and even a Gaudi building. The one in the picture is the Palace of Sobrellano

    Following the coast, just before Bilbao, Castro Urdiales has a nice harbor coronated by a castle and a church that are well worth a visit

    19616470488_d13c0f20fc_o. 19183581273_c07c82aa88_o.

    From there, we headed towards La Rioja, home of some of the best spanish red wines. There, surrounded by wineyards we find Laguardia, a beautiful medieval village on top of a hill. The fun part here is that the hill is full with caves, so almost every house there has an underground celler where they age their own wine. Cool, isn't it?


    I hope you enjoy the pictures, and as always, I am open to any kind of critic, suggestion or comment. I will really appreciate them, as they help me to improve.
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  2. svenkarma

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    Feb 5, 2013
    mark evans
    Nice! I was in Laguardia a couple of years ago, very pretty place.
  3. Clicka

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    Jan 28, 2014
    Peter Campbell
    Great stuff. Enjoyed that. streets and all are so clean - not one bit of litter (unlike where I live )
  4. nachetetm

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    Sep 22, 2014
    Thanks for your comments!
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