Noktor 50mm f0.95 first look by Steve Huff


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There was a lot of flack going on over at dpreview how c-mount lenses would be just as good and cheaper. But looking at the results on Steve's page, I'm not sure a c-mount lens has that good of quality.


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that Senko lens... in c mount, costs $750 or more
in cctv internet shops. Having it be native m4/3
is a bonus.

Amin Sabet

Interesting to compare this lens to the CV Nokton 50/1.1. No doubt the CV is sharper and better corrected, but the Noktor goes to f/0.95 and has a more unique character. I wonder how the Noktor performs at f/1.4.


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This lens is starting to get very interesting. If it turns out to really be a corker I wonder how well this outfit will be up to meeting what could be some serious demand.


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that Senko lens... in c mount, costs $750 or more
in cctv internet shops. Having it be native m4/3
is a bonus.
I'm talking about some of the 25mm C mount lenses. That was the argument over there, at least. But I wonder how good a 100 dollar lens compares to a lens like this. I doubt it does.



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I wonder how the Noktor performs at f/1.4.
Wild guess: No better than, say, an SMC Takumar 50/1.4. (These cost under $50 in my part of the world.) has a Canon New FD 50/1.2 in "9++" condition for $279.


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Steve Huff's site now has an ongoing diary review for the lens. The lens does seem to be a re-tooled Senko 50mm cctv lens. But being adapter-less, comes with warranty, and cheaper, are big pluses.


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If this lens really kicks off with sales, it may give Voigtlander the push to start making it's own dedicated m4/3 mount lenses.

Lol if either Panasonic or Olympus came out with a Rangefinder body with high quality EVF built in, & Voigtlander started making m4/3 lenses, I personally think Leica would start to worry slightly.


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Is there any advantage of an native m4/3 manual lens like this one, over a Voigtlander M mount lens mounted on a m4/3 camera via adapter? The M to m4/3 adapters are all pretty thin, so they don't add any bulk.


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the image circle of a voigtlander lens must cover a full frame sensor, so the glass must be much bigger and the housing must be heavier,
the m 4\3 sensor is 1\4 the size of full frame no giant image circle to waste, less glass less money less size
compare the size of a 0.95 lens for the 2 formats ......i think ill go do that presently....


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length of the leica 0.95 50 is 2.95 inches
length of the noktor 0.95 50 is ? it seems about 1\2 an inch shorter

weight of the leica is 700 g
weight of the noktor is 480 g

cost of the leica is 10,500 dollars
cost of the noktor is 750 dollars

i will never own the leica , but i could own the noktor

i think ill keep my konica 57mm 1.2 for now:biggrin:


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Bokeh - Ninja

I don't like the bokeh, I think I'd rather spend my hard won wages on a slower more pleasing lens, I suppose there are some who have to have it, not keen on the fluorescent green/yellow makings either...:rolleyes:

The bokeh reminds me of some of my Contax lenses with that 'Ninja Star' effect, this drives me mad and would pigeon hole the lens purely for wide open work ( well why else would you buy it ) :biggrin:


Contax 85/1.4 MM Bokeh (an older 'EOS D30' image)

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Brian Mosley

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Yes, the ninja star bokeh is revealed... the Hexanon 40mm f1.8 produces a similar aperture ring pattern - luckily the crazy bokeh is relatively rare, and the lens costs peanuts!

Some examples of Hexanon 40mm f1.8 noisy bokeh (insert alternative words creative/artistic/funky/characteristic as you wish... I'd still rather have smooth and creamy :smile:)

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