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Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by RKTodd, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. RKTodd

    RKTodd Mu-43 Regular

    Dec 6, 2012
    Randall Todd
    I have a puzzling situation on my GH3. All of a sudden, my video clips are not showing up when I place the card in a reader for downloading. I can play the clips on the camera, but Mac Finder shows nothing on the card to download. I can't imaging what I might have changed that would cause this...any ideas?

    My RAW files DO show up and I can download them just fine. It's just the clips.

    Thanks - Randy
  2. RKTodd

    RKTodd Mu-43 Regular

    Dec 6, 2012
    Randall Todd
    So, I changed the format to .mov, and then to mp4 and both of those clip types show up on my computer. I just can't read the AVCHD files. Anyone know why this is?
    Obviously I'm new to video :) 
  3. ~tc~

    ~tc~ Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Oct 22, 2010
    Houston, TX
    AVCHD uses differ directories.

    If you had a real computer it would find them :) 

    But seriously, you need software that reads AVCHD (like Premier or Premier Elements), and then they download no problem.
  4. mirrorless

    mirrorless Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 16, 2013
    A .MOV file will be in one of the DCIM folders with your Raw and JPEG files, and the AVCHD will be in the "private" folder.

    Also, the newer All-Intra format is easier for your computer to edit, and the results are the best in quality.
  5. speedandstyle

    speedandstyle Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    AVCHD is a higher end video codec and requires software for it. What version of OSX? I think the newest version can handle AVCHD files but older ones can't unless you have added software. I can see it on my Mac because I have Final Cut and it can read AVCHD. You may have to get some sort of converter software that can read AVCHD.
  6. mattia

    mattia Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    May 3, 2012
    The Netherlands
    Vlc plays it just fine.
  7. M4/3

    M4/3 Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Sep 24, 2011
    You need to find the .mts files. Panasonic buries them under many layers of technogeek garbage - like I think you need to click on the AVCHD folder, then open the PRIVATE folder then open the BVDZ something the other folder then open the STREAM folder and finally you will find the .mts files. But your troubles are not over yet. To play the mts files on your Mac computer you need to convert them to .mov files. using a program like Clipwrap: ClipWrap : Trial

    Olympus and Canon cameras record videos as .mov files so they play instantly on a Mac computer straight out of the camera.
  8. RKTodd

    RKTodd Mu-43 Regular

    Dec 6, 2012
    Randall Todd
    Wow, thanks for all the replies! I did find out later last night that I can directly import the clips into Final Cut Pro X.

    I will certainly take a look at the All-Intra format. That's what I'm really trying to do is to find the best record settings for quality and ease of editing.

    My OS is 10.8.3

    Also, sorry for not posting this in the video section. I realized my mistake after going to bed last night. I was just thinking "Panasonic camera".
  9. JoeV

    JoeV Mu-43 Regular

    Aug 22, 2012
    Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
    Joe Van Cleave
    The software that comes with the GH3 (not SilkyPix, but the other) can be used to import AVCHD files to your Mac. It will also transcode AVCHD to MP4.

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