Nissin Di 466 FT flash

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  1. Started hunting for a small but capable source of some extra light. This unit got mentioned and is in my price range...$100-150. A quick look at B&H shows them discontinuing it though. Anyone know why? Is there a better (more features,more power,etc) flash in this price range that I should look at? Thanks in advance.
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    Sep 15, 2010
    I think it's discontinued because Nissin replaced it with the i40. I have both and it's quite an improvement over the Di466, smaller, swivels, wireless, and more powerful. it's just over your price range tho, around $200. For $100-$150 you might want to look at older Olympus FL36R or FL50R both are bigger than Di466 (they are designed for 4/3 bodies but works well with m4/3 because it's the same system) but more powerful and also can swivel and be wirelessly triggered. Olympus FL600r and FL360L are basically the same thing, and IIRC, more powerful and about the same size as Di466; you might be able to hunt down a used one for $150ish.
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    Main drawback with that one is no swivel. Which means you can't ceiling bounce if you turn camera to portrait orientation.