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    Aug 8, 2012
    Hi,i guess this is a dumb question but here goes.I have a BUNCH of Nkon AF glass,my question is what adapter would i need to get it to work on my e-pl1 and e-pl2.Any help would make my day.Thanks
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    AF-S or AF-D?
    No adaptor will allow for auto focusing. If you need that then the Nikon 1 system would be a better choice for you.
    If your lenses are AF-S{G} lenses then you have to find one of the adaptors that has a rotating ring to adjust the aperture{unless you like shooting fully closed all the time}. For AF-D or earlier manual lenses just get an F mount adaptor. Some of the adaptors are a little off and allow focus just beyond infinity! Some adaptors fit a little loose too but that is more annoying than anything else. They often have a little screw as the stop for locking them onto the camera and said screw can sometimes come loose{I put a drop of superglue on mine to prevent that}. As for brand I have found the Fotodiox to be good without being pricey. There are some very nice brands such as Voightlander and Novoflex but their prices are twillight zone!