Nikon to m4/3 adaptor


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Have an urgent question.

I have a chance ti receive a Nikon to 4/3 adaptor (not:43:). Now I have a 4/3 to :43: adaptor: is it possible to mount the double adaptor with Nikon lens?

What I mean is: Nikon lens to 4/3 adaptor then 4/3 to :43: adaptor; in this way you have twwo adaptors mounted on each other. What happens? Do I lose some stops or is it not possible to meter?
Can someone give me some help please?


Cantankerous Scotsman
should work fine... this is the way I work - sometimes the combination of mounts may rattle a bit, but there is no loss in performance.

I work this way because i have a 4/3 as well as a micro 4/3 camera



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I've done this. It works fine.

(Using the Panasonic mFT-FT adapter and a no-name FT-Nikon F adapter)


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Thank you.

I may suppose that this works with any type of adaptors: OM to 4/3 then 4/3 to m4/3 ecc. isn't it?