Nikon G AF lenses, (and other non aperture ring lenses)


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Jan 19, 2010
SW France
Just to ask if Nikon G AF lenses, (or any modern non aperture lense - the DX ones that have no aperture ring), can be used on M4/3

They will take a photo, manually focus, and can be correctly metered but there seems to be no way to change, (or see or know), the aperture, or of knowing what aperture has been used to take the photo

I have tested it against my DSLR and there seems no logic - i.e. I put my Sigma 10 20 f4/5.6 on the G1 and it needed 2.5 sec to take the photo at the correct exposure setting - did the same on my D300 and 2.5 sec = f10 to take the same photo in the same light conditions, same ISO etc., - i.e. I dialed in 2.5 secs on the D300 and f10 was the stop setting - if you see what I mean

Maybe it is distance related, (i.e. which f stop is used by the AF lens) - i will have to do a few more tests

the main reason I ask is that i could get a bit more "reach" (tripod - birds in the back garden), out of my 70 300 VR AF Nikon if I could use it on the G1


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Jan 21, 2010

Novoflex makes an adapter for Nikon G lenses (no aperture ring)

BUT, I read a very negative user review of this adapter somewhere (B&H?)

May I suggest that for about the same money as the cost of the adapter you could buy a Nikon 300mm f4.5 AIS lens which would have a real aperture ring, balance/handle better on your micro four thirds camera, have better manual focusing (better focusing ring, better focusing feel), be faster, and have higher image quality at 300mm.

I have both the 70-300 VR you have, and the 300mm f4.5 AIS and there's no contest which I'd rather have on my micro four thirds bodies.


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Feb 28, 2010

Just to check. Is your Nikon adapter stuck tight on the camera body?
Mine has some free play, I wonder if it's normal.



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Apr 12, 2010
G lenses will be stopped right down on an adapter. Did you have ISO set the same on both cameras?

You can use a bit of tape to hold the lever up and keep them wide open, but that's pretty much your lot. This is why even the G adapters aren't that good - they can only actuate the stop-down lever, which doesn't give precise control.


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May 16, 2010
SF Bay Area
the rayqual adapter appears to have click stops to simulate the aperture ring (i can't read japanese so i'm not sure how it works). you'll have to do some simple math to figure out what aperture you're getting.

FWIW, i use a generic rainbow adapter for my nikon lenses and guesstimate the aperture.


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