Night-Time Shooting with the E-PL5

Discussion in 'Nature' started by slothead, May 6, 2013.

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    Aug 14, 2012
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    Last night I tried capturing some star trails. I used my Rokinon 7.5 Fisheye on my E-PL5 and closed the aperture down as far as it would go (f/22) and set the mode to Manual and the shutter speed to bulb. I used a (electronic) cable release and locked the trigger button to remain on continuously. It was pretty cool outside (<50F) so I didn't concern myself with the sensor getting hot. I tripped the shutter and walked away and left it - expecting to return in about half an hour.

    When I did return the shutter had closed but at that time I didn't know how long it had remained open. The resulting image is shown below. There was so much light contamination in our area that the exposure looked like daylight (and washed the stars out), but if you look closely you can see the trails from the big dipper and some other major stars in the east (and a couple aircraft trails as they traversed our skies en route to Dulles airport). I discovered this morning that the exposure had lasted only 480 seconds (as reported by my exif reader).

    Obviously I need darker skies and I also may need more ND filtering beyond the f/22, but my more significant question is why the shutter stayed open only 480 seconds. I looked in the E-PL5 manual and I couldn't see any mention of a bulb limit of 8 minutes.


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    Oops, just noticed that ISO is set to 3200... That won't help any!
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    By chance I was talking to a friend today about this very subject, bulb mode and star-trails.

    You can set it to 30 minutes max.

    Custom Menu > Exposure/ISO > Bulb timer

    I doubt 30 minutes would be enough. Strikes me as an odd limitation. Not sure how you'd set that to more, but I suspect it would be via something like triggertrap and timelapse??

    Olympus - Triggertrap
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