Night frights...

Discussion in 'Street, Documentary, and Portrait' started by Jlstuver, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Jlstuver

    Jlstuver Mu-43 Rookie

    Oct 13, 2013
    This is my first post posting any pictures, but I loved these from my shoot last night and had to share.
    Lets just say I am one of the biggest chickens you will ever meet. So last night shooting in the scary no light what-so-ever other than headlights, at almost midnight mind you, was a bit of an adventure in trying not to panic:) I love that this girl will go with me on my craziness (she is my cousin)! These were shot with only headlights and it set the mood perfectly!

    Olympus OM-D E M5 with M.Zuiko 45mm

    PA250044 by jlstuver, on Flickr

    PA250041 by jlstuver, on Flickr

    PA250040 by jlstuver, on Flickr

    PA250038 by jlstuver, on Flickr

    PA250037 by jlstuver, on Flickr

    PA250029 by jlstuver, on Flickr

    PA250016 by jlstuver, on Flickr
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  2. Jlstuver

    Jlstuver Mu-43 Rookie

    Oct 13, 2013
    There we go figured out how to add the images lol:)
  3. metalmania

    metalmania Mu-43 Veteran

    Jul 19, 2012
    Lighting is good. Nice photos!
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