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    Aug 9, 2010
    I have been noodling around with new to me LX3 and seeing how well it would pair up with my EPL-1 as a companion. What suits my needs.

    What I find is that I really quite like the small size and flexibility of the LX3. It's easy to take with you everywhere and for the most part produces excellent results. I LOVE the fact that I can shoot a macro without changing lenses. After gong back and forth between cameras (LX3 and EPL-1) for the past month I am starting to get a feel for them. At the start of this process I was bowled over by the LX3 and thought it would win out in a rout. My EPL-1 kit is pretty basic, I have the Panasonic 20 and 14-45 plus a few MF lenses. Image quality (for me) i pretty comparable. The IQ is better on the EPL-1 (as it should be) but the LX3 is perfectly fine in the IQ department.

    Here's the interesting part. I picked up a refurb Panasonic ZS3 while this was going on and I can see the ZS3 being much more useful in the role of the LX3 was playing. I find that for things that require the level of control the LX3 gives me I would rather use the EPL-1. For the kinds of things the LX3 does macros and such the ZS3 is as good or better (video is better and the extra long reach is great).

    In the end I am finding the EPL-1 and ZS3 makes a better combo (for me) than the EPL-1/LX3.