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    SOLD: NEX 5n

    Back on the market...

    Despite the attraction of the upcoming Olympus, I'm sure a few of you are flirting with the other side... If so, you may be interested in a well-kept 5n:

    I purchased this camera last summer as a bit of a pick-me-up while recovering from a heart attack. Fortunately, I'm doing much better now, but unfortunately, I can't really justify keeping this and my T2i. Though, in many ways, I prefer this camera, the desire to catch my kids' sporting events and such has me keeping the dslr. I have all the original packaging and everything is in great condition. I'm pretty firm on $550 + shipping.

    I cannot figure-out how to add images, but the camera can be seen here:

    I've been asked about the marks that are visible on the bottom of the camera - on the edge of the battery door and around the tripod attachment. The camera has not been dropped or mishandled in anyway. I do not know how to explain these marks, other than normal wear and tear, either from setting it on a table-top, or, more likely, from rubbing against my clothing or zippers as the camera is designed to hang "lens down" when on a neck strap. I have not tried to polish these away, nor do I know if this issue is common to this body. I do consider them to be quite minor and believe they are more visible in the photo than in person.

    NOTE: This item is also posted on the Serious Compacts site (where my profile may be viewed) as well as on the NEX site.

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