Newbie. well oldie- LR settings for Sharpening/NR


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Sep 22, 2011

I am getting back into photography, many years after using an old Pentax KM when all you had to worry about, from a technical point of view, was Speed/Aperture/the 'needle' and Focus. Film ISO being predetermined

I now have an EM1 and am shooting RAW. I have a couple of questions around LR5.4

As a basic preset import I am setting as Camera Natural

Sharpness: I have my EM1 setting to -1 as I want to use LR. What do people use as a starting point for Sharpness ie using a preset import? Currently mine is set at 52.

Noise Reduction: I have Noise Reduction Off and Noise filter Low on my EM1. Again, what do people use as as starting point (colour/luminance)? I appreciate that this is dependent on ISO setting...and I will show my age. With old 100 film there was no grain and 800 a lot. In a similar way if I have an ISO 200 setting, should I be thinking about adding NR in LR at all? Or what would people recommend? And then I can adjust from there in LR for higher ISO shot pics.

Many thanks!



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Dec 22, 2013
depends on the lens, the intention of the picture, the actual texture and features of the picture, ISO, etc

sharpness units in LR5.x is anywhere from 30-60... usually around 40 points.
nr is around 25. color and luminance just left at default - dont see much change. at higher ISO and esp with B&W conversion i actually add uniform fine 'grain' after the de-noise

camera-natural calibration

in-camera sharpness is +2 for jpeg preview
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