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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Bill, Apr 23, 2011.

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    Bill (really)
    I'm very impressed by the new Vivian Maier website. If you enjoy street photography, her work is not to be missed. (As a brief recap for those unfamiliar with her work: Vivian Maier was an American photographer whose work was only discovered after her death in 2009. She's been mentioned a few times here in a few different threads)

    John Maloof, who discovered Vivian Maier’s work (in her possessions recovered from a storage locker), is working to assure Vivian’s place amongst the greatest street photography artists. Both a book and a documentary are coming, but right now there’s a new website that follows on from the earlier blog that highlighted her work.

    The new website offers VM’s work in more accessible galleries, that also provides much greater resolution.

    Have a look — be impressed and inspired.
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    Thanks Bill,

    It's great to discover a part of lost history....
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    I just love this woman's work.