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Voigtlander 15mm F/4.5. Yes I know opinions are mixed here between the 17 2.8 and 15 F/4.5 but in terms of AF I wasn't crazy about the AF on the 17 and focusing it manually was hardly enjoyable..

Yes 4.5 is relatively slow but it also doesn't need as much light... Canons best selling wide angle is the 17-40 F/4












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Thanks all.... I really like it for it's size... and for a wide angle I don't think 4.5 is all that bad for street shooting.... I'm going to pick up the 35 either 1.2 or 1.4 next week.

Brian S

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This reminds me that my F-Mount Nikkor-O 2.1cm F4 will fit on the u4/3 cameras. It is a mirror-lockup lens, non retro-focus design. It is quite small.


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thats where i bought my 15mm 4.5 too , photo village is a pleasant place to shop and one of only 2 official dealers in the usa

i find the look of that lens much different than the look of the kit zoom at 15 mm
the speed at which objects recede has a much more exotic flair . it is one of my favorite lenses for m4\3


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Many of those shots were not easy, but you made it look easy! Great images. I have the 35mm f1.2 and like it very much. But it is quite large. The f1.2 looks much more street friendly, but I have not handled on of those. Your work is tempting me toward the 15mm!


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Wow.. Thanks all.. Yeh I walked over to Adorama but they only had the Panny adapter.. Photovillage is closer to my office anyway, nice place.. I got my 1DS3 there years ago.. Not many Canon Shooters know about them so when nobody else had the 1ds in stock, they did.

Chalkdust, do you have any pics of the 1.2 attached??? I asked the guy at Photo village to see the 40 1.4 but then I figured I might want a 35 and a 50.. He had the 50 1.1 in stock, but I figured if I saw it I would buy it.. So I skipped ;)