New to M43 world- love it

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  1. Lakewood

    Lakewood New to Mu-43

    Mar 8, 2014
    Cincinnati, OH USA
    Hi everyone. Just got my first M43, OMD E-M1 with several lenses about 6 weeks ago. The primary objective was a small light-weight travel kit for a trip to the Holy Land coming up later in the year, however, I am really struck by how good the M43 system is. My primary camera system is built around a Nikon D800 with top glass - can't be beaten huge blowups, but for 90% of what I do the E-M1 is perfect.

    I really like the straight-out-of camera JPEGs, even though I shoot mainly RAW, and accurate preview through the EVF, among many other features. It is easy to get the exposure right the first time.

    I did a mini-review of the E-M1 for may local camera club at , if anyone is interested.

    Look forward to getting lots of good information from this forum!
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