New RRS Modular L plate for GX1

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    I have been using L-plates on my cameras for years and find them to be really useful. I use tripods a lot and this makes switching between horizontal and vertical very quick. So, when Really Right Stuff (RRS) announced this modular L-plate I was intrigued and ordered it. For those that use L-plates I thought you might like to see this as it is a new variation which allows one to remove the vertical portion when not needed. You can even buy the base plate and then add the vertical portion later. Pretty cool.

    Disclaimers: I have no relationship of any kind with RRS (other than they take wads of money from me periodically), and yes these photos are pretty lousy :smile:. I tried to take them while something was defrosting for dinner and did not have much time. Better photos here: RRS

    GX1 with full L-Plate. Notice how they extended the grip shape. Nicely done and fits very will in the hand.

    From the back:
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    From the bottom. They made it possible to open the battery/SD card door without removing the plate.

    Without the Vertical portion of L-Plate: Does not add much to the GX1, and will stay on mine this way most of the time, except when I need the vertical part which will go in the camera bag.

    Anyway, I thought I would share in case people were looking for something like this. The m4/3 has not been well supported by the companies that make custom plates in the past, so this is great to see. I should note that these plates are expensive at $60 for just the plate and $120 for the whole kit. But if you use these all the time, the dedicated ones that really fit well are worth it IMHO.

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    RRS makes some, well, really good stuff.:biggrin:
    Thanks for sharing.