new OM-D firmware for 300 Pro and hybrid IS ?

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by mcasan, Dec 12, 2015.

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    Feb 26, 2014
    I am wondering if Olympus will have to update all the OM-D bodies when the 300F4 Pro is released. If the IS is to be a hybrid using both IBIS and the 300's OIS.....strikes me that a firmware update would be needed for that new IS mode.

    So that is OK if you stick with Oly lenses on the Oly bodies. But, if you wanted the P/L 100-400, will OM-D bodies do a hybrid IS with a P/L lines in the future? As I remember today if you put on a Panny OIS lens you have to tell the OM-D which IS to use.....lens or body, not both. Will the open interorperabiiity of M43 continue/extend into hybrid IS......of is that where we have to stick with one brand to a working hybrid IS?
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    There are already several brand proprietary features that exist that probably aren't covered by the µ4/3 spec. Can't use Olympus lenses for DFD or hybrid IS on Panasonic cameras, or any Panasonic lenses for Focus Stacking on the E-M1 and the aperture ring on Panny lenses aren't functional on Olympus bodies. Heck, their zoom lenses zoom in opposite directions. Inter-operable is not full functionality. The camera companies will do whatever they can to differentiate their products.
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    E-M1 recognizes the LUMIX lens' software version , so does GX8 on Zuiko mZD lens' software version . I m of the opinion Olympus n Panasonic have a common basic software with differing variations n
    E-M1 has Panasonic sensor wud make sense . It wud be interesting to see if the upcoming Zuiko 300/4 Pro with OIS will work on GX8's Dual IS .