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Jul 28, 2014
Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum, but not new to photography. My main camera is a Nikon D7100 with a variety of lenses, but I have wanted to get into the M43 format for some time. I just didn't want to pay too high a price ! Last week I saw an E PM1 on sale for half price and couldn't resist. After customising it a little for my tastes, I have a few questions:

How does everyone find the colour rendition on this camera? I haven't yet had a chance to test it very thoroughly, but have it set to Muted colour with Sat at -1. What are some common settings in this regard?

I have also read about noise filtering and over sharpening being an issue, with some turning Noise filtering off entirely. Is it wise to turn off Noise filtering and then turn down sharpening also? While I normally process Nikon RAWs in Lightroom, I have a feeling I might use more JPGs from the Olympus for speed and ease. Then again, I might also process Raw files at times ! What is recommended in terms of sharpening and noise filtering?

Finally, a few questions about lenses. Apart from the kit lens, I have purchased the C Mount 35mm for fun, as well as the Body Cap lens. I am also waiting on the Sigma 19mm 2.8, since I do not want to spend thousands on glass due to already having glass for the NIkon. Primarily, I am interested in fun lenses and good value lenses that fill a niche that might cost me a lot more for the Nikon (like the 100-300mm super telephoto). What are your recommendations?



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Jul 15, 2012
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Patrick Kristiansen
I find that oly's are excellent for snapshots of people, and jpegs, when set up to your liking, are just fine for prints and sharing.

I like the portrait colourmode for this, but I'm careful with aggressive prossesing like high settings for contrast, saturation and autograd. Normal graduation, maybe +1 for sat, noisefilter off, no problem. Sharpening 0, maybe -1. Just try it out:)

For landscapes my preference is natural colourmode, I've seen others prefer muted. Muted reflects rawfiles closer as apple interprets them.

In sunshine I find autowb to be a bit cold, atleast with peopleshots. Got some beautiful pics with the sun in the back of the head of subject and wb set to shadow.

Depending on your style, lensadvice applicable to you will vary greatly. But imo no m43 shooter should be without the cheap and stellar oly 45mm. It was the lens that sold me away from nikon to 100% m43:)

Happy snapping;)

Patrick K


Nov 19, 2012
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Welcome, Steve. You'll find a lot of Nikonians around here. I found M43 when I wanted a way to use my old Nikon lenses and I gave up on anyone inventing digital film for my FE2.

The most important thing you can do for setting up jpeg processing is to download Olympus Viewer 3 and play with your Pen's RAW files. OV3 processes RAWs exactly the way your camera does, so you can experiment and find which settings you want to use for your in-camera jpegs.

I always shoot for both RAW and a jpeg so I have an instant proof and my daughter can take the memory card and update her facebook page without waiting for my post-processing.

I use Muted colors on my E-PM2, but Olympus changes its color processing from one model to the next, so just adjust to taste in OV3.

Many people turn off the Keep Warm Color option, which leaves a yellow tint under tungsten lighting. I usually leave it on because I don't mind the warmer look indoors, and I can change it in OV3. I leave my White Balance on Auto, but I often correct in post if my reds look too orange or whites get too much tint.

My Noise Filter is on Low. You can experiment with this setting in OV3. Note that the camera's Noise Reduction setting, which compensates for sensor heat after a long exposure, alters the way the RAW file itself is made, so it is not a setting in OV3, and I have never thought of a reason to change it from its default Auto setting.

Beyond image processing options, be sure to enable Super Control Panel. I have it as the default menu in P/A/S/M modes.

I like the 19mm/2.8 lens because it's so versatile, similar in view to a lot of classic rangefinders, only sharper.

On the little E-PM1, you might sometime want to try a pancake. The Pany 14 and 20 get praise but I prefer the cheap Oly 17/2.8, which renders lovely colors. On this website, click Sample Images at the top of this page, and see for yourself how the lenses do.

You'll probably want a longer lens before you get another moderate wide. Oly's 45mm/1.8 is the most beloved portrait lens. The Sigma 60mm/2.8 is a bargain and very sharp, and the Oly 40-150 is cheap and better than you'd expect from a cheap lens.

Have fun!


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Mar 10, 2014
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I think others already gave you the best suggestions. A different one could be the underrated 12-50 zoom that can be found for a good price: it's a little wider, longer than the kit lens and it is also a macro lens.

If you like manual focus you could buy a cheap Nikon/m43 adapter (the simple ones, with no electronics) to be able to use all your lenses getting a little more reach.
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