New olympus campaign in Europe


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Olympus are running a new ad campaign in europe for the Pen... whicjh is very groovy

I normally wouldn't post something like this - but I did get down to the last 12 for this campaign, was flown to Berlin, got interviewed and photographed... but didn't make the final cut - still got a little cash that bought me a couple of nice tripod heads

Anyway... moral of the story... I only got picked because they found my picks on Flickr, suitable tagged with the make of my camera...



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Hey, that is very cool! I'm sorry they didn't have the good taste to select you, but it's very nice to hear that they took good care of you and that they found you via Flickr. I'd better check out my tags! But seriously, I just took a quick look and noticed one of our other members in there... He goes by Silverbullet within

That's a nice advertising campaign and I noticed that they offer the chance for people to submit their photos for possible inclusion which is a very smart move. I hope they bring this to the states, too. I'd think it would be very successful.

Thank you, Kevin!


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Thanks BB!

I was happy to join the German Oly clipboard as you can see here with many shots of other Oly users:

and the same is establshed now from Oly Europe. I got a mail with an invitation to join the new clipboard with pics and I submitted the same as for Germany. It's a nice idea, but Nikon had it two years ago via flickr and some of my old stuff made the entry....:rolleyes:

A nice weekend to @ll!


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Cool but the e-p1 is completely left out it. Even if it's still on the main site, it's at the bottom now. No good for early adopters, hope Olympus stays committed to firmware improvement of that model, that isn't officially EOLed yet.