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Discussion in 'Black and White' started by wlewisiii, Jan 3, 2012.

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    My big present to myself this year was to finally break down and get a digital camera. I've been using film exclusively until now (and intend to continue to do so :cool:) but have been wanting to gain these advantages as well.

    I have a E-PL1 with kit lens with some adaptors and a VF3 still somewhere in the mail. Getting to know the camera and having enormous fun with the square aspect ratio and monotone - almost like a digital Speedex Special :eek:







    Looking forward to seeing what I can do with my old glass once I get some adaptors in my hands as well. Not to mention being able to compose better with a view finder (hey, I'm an old fart. :eek: )! So far, though, it's a whole lot of fun. :smile:
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    Welcome, your membership card is in the mail and you'll learn the secret handshake at the next meetup. :eek: I like the shot of the headstone at the end.
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    Welcome aboard!
  6. elcome. Happy New Year.
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    Welcome aboard!