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    The basic white Macbook that I purchased new for $1000 in 2007 before heading to Costa Rica the first time - - - just keeps on going with all the abuse I give it. It has been a work horse in my extensive travels and my professional portrait, wedding and commercial work. For months on end many times, it has staying turned on for 24 hours a day.

    The last few months in Nicaragua, the internal hard drive was struggling and making lots of noise in the severe heat. I was positive that it would die at any time, and that was unsettling. I have always been dissatisfied as a result of having to swap out files and limit the number and size of files that I could keep on the small hard drive. As well the battery started bulged and has reduced capacity of sometimes a bit over half an hour run time.

    So I was determined that I needed an up to date replacement, and could justify getting a new one. Instead though, I decided to replace the failing small 80GB hard drive with a larger 750GB hard drive that ran at a faster 7200RPM, than the built-in Apple hard drive. As for the bulging battery that could be replaced for a fair hunk of change from Apple - - - I found many "replacement" batteries on eBay.

    With the upgrade from Tiger to Snow Leopard (so that I could better handle Olympus HD video) last fall - - - it runs better than ever. Cost for everything? $110. Time to copy the almost full 80GB hard drive over to the 750GB with Super Duper? a couple of hours unattended. Install the 750GB HD? 3 minutes tops. Put the battery in? 5 seconds. Well worth the effort. ;)

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    Mike Barber
    I kept waiting for a laptop PC to come out with a better than 1900x1200 display. None seem to have made it to market or their price/feature set is about the same as a Macbook Pro 15. I broke down and bought a Macbook Pro this past weekend. Surprisingly enough, it has a really nice display. :p
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    Nov 11, 2011
    Sony made quite nice FHD laptop.
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    Nov 6, 2012
    Apple products do have really long lives if you don't care about the incremental internal upgrades each year.