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    Now I understand Olympus' decision to stick with Motion Jpeg even though anyone serious about videography complained about the choice. It is effortless to import, edit, export and play video saved in that format. After all, especially the Pen series are geared at people who probably don't take video that seriously and just want to be able to throw some home movies up on Youtube. That is what I have been used to with my E-PL1.

    And so my expectations using my E-PL3 1080i HD video abilities, was that there may be some adjustments - but that it would essentially be the same. Not so. I am using Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9 and where Motion Jpeg clips were instantly available in my assets area, there ended up being a more lengthy conversion process when I made my first attempts at shooting in 1080 HD a couple of evenings ago.

    Importing ended up being the easy part. Exporting proved to be much more frustrating as my Sony application ended up crashing time after time part way through rendering at my preferred Sony AVC setting for a final .mp4 format. There was just no way I could make it work. Then yesterday, I decided to render the video that I put together at 720P instead of 1080. After 14 hours, the rendering process registered 85% complete with still several hours to go, when Windows began to pop up regular out of memory warnings to shut down the application.

    I finally got frustrated and closed out of the process. I then decided to try .wmv Windows Media Video format - and was successful in creating a downsized 720p file for uploading to Youtube. The only option available under .wmv for 1080 was a wierd 1440x1080 size - and so I didn't bother.

    On the shooting end, I found in testing prior to shooting these clips - that the 1080 video looked terrible when shooting with image stabilization. Especially was that the case when I used my 40-150 at the long end and easily recognized different parts of the image wobbling all over the place in disarray on my camera screen. A search on the web, warned me to turn off IS - - - and so I did.

    I expected that I would be able to handhold my camera if I was fairly stable at doing to. To ensure a steadier result, I attached my heavy monopod to the tripod socket as I have done with my E-PL1 - and kept it attached for all clips. The odd time the monopod was floating in the air, but more often it was solidly placed on the ground and I breathed and supported the setup as solidly as I could. Shots that I took in the van had the monopod firmly on the floorboards and braced against the door - while my wife either turned the stearing wheel, or in the case of going around the downtown square - - - she drove.

    There were no shots without visible wobble. Kind of discouraging for my style of shooting, and realizing that shooting HD video with E-PL3 is pretty well a tripod only option. I must say that I do like the look of the AVCHD footage. And as I noticed in some stills that I took with the kit lens and 40-150 - - - I am very pleased at how well these lenses handle lens flare. The look is quite appealing to me.

    At any rate I did my best. I chose black and white in camera as the shooting mode. Being I had so much difficulty rendering the video and also realizing how much unattractive movement their was in the clips - - - I did not spend the time that I normally would putting the pieces together. So there are a few abrupt cuts and transitions here and there. But I wanted to put what I had together, and so this is my result:

    [ame=]Prettiest Town in Canada - Rebuilding 1 year later - YouTube[/ame]

    Almost 1 year after a devastating tornado ripped through the heart of Goderich Ontario - the town stills reels and much of the once popular downtown square, sits empty. Rebuilding of homes and storefronts has been more recently visible. As I drive around the downtown square, there is finally evidence of the beginning of restoration of facades and businesses eager to get going again.

    Here my Flickr Set that I posted back then with still images that I took a week after the devastation. In the video I went back to some of the same locations to show changes. - Goderich Tornado - a set on Flickr

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