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Aug 30, 2010
I recently got a GF-1. Being a professional by trade I am used to lugging around a series 1 EOS and a variety of L series zooms. Much of my work in the past was using large format cameras and I always miss the control I get with them. I had though of investing in a Leica M9 for documentary stuff, but I just can't justify the costs having no Leica lenses.
My early experience of 4:3's machines, back in 2005, had rather put me off them. I thought the Olympus (I think it was an E something) would be a digital OM-1, my first serious camera and one that made a lot of cash for me), but the noise, and handling difficulties in manual mode put me right of. However when I first heard about the GF-1 I was interested. The noise at higher ISO's and the dynamic range is as good as my 1 D mk II and 5 D, nearly up there with the EOS 7 and mk III machines, and certainly the quality is enough for saleable work.
Other than sports, there is nothing I can't use my GF-1 for (and I don't do sports!)
I also got the 20mm f1.7 lens and the auto focus with this lens is amazing quick ...not quite up there with pro Canons, but as good as the 5D and I can AF on nearly anywhere on the screen. The manual focus is far superior to any dSLR and this is the truly great thing for me.
I got a Tilt adapter and a Shift adapter for my old Nikon manual lenses...great really is like using a digital back,
I then picked up some old Minolta MC and MD lenses for next to nothing (always great lenses as good as Nikon glass and a lot cheaper even back in the day) these work great.
Now also hacked the machine to produce higher quality video and the results are amazing for such a little machine. And all for £300!!!!
My photography has been re enthused by this little camera. The Canon gear stays in the very large bag unless somebody pays me up front to use it.
I am a big fan.:biggrin:


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Dec 15, 2009
Phila, Pa USA
Welcome Pete,
The GF1 is a great camera. That, the 17mm & 20 never leaves my side.
Glad ya found your way here. Post some images so we can see what your up to.
Make yourself at home and it's nice to see you loving photography again.

Ulfric M Douglas

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Mar 6, 2010
Wow Pete that was quite an essay.
I think you have explored your camera deeply!

I was just saying to the wife ;"these G1s are just like having a digital back", I was, yeah.


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