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Jan 9, 2018
Morning everyone,

I purchased a new Panasonic G7 this week and found this board to learn the tips and tricks!

Historically I was a Canon Shooter(APS-C & FF) but over the years I have moved to Fuji(Currently X100T) and now want to dabble in 4k Video. I have more experience in still photography. I love my X100T so it will stay for most of my stills.

I want to get into video to capture my 4 month old daughter, traveling and my beautiful state of New Mexico. My logic, especially with my daughter, is I want the best video I can afford.

I have never been too impressed with the video out of my Fuji, so after looking at Sony and Panasonic, I ultimately went with Panasonic for several reasons:

My Budget was 1500 dollars, I was looking at the G7 and the A6300. I live in New Mexico, where the average high in the summers is in the 90s, with it never really getting any cooler than 72; the A6300 penchant for overheating caused me some worry.

I was a bit apprehensive of going down in sensor size to a M43, but after looking at samples and talking to a friend who recently sold his X100S for a Olympus Pen, I think the Panasonic won me over.

More for the money didn't hurt as well. so far:

G7= 680 with tax and protection
Acer 28" 4k Monitor 350 and protection

I now need a editing software (Im trying Corel out)
a 3 tb hard drive( Im thinking External)
and some little things here and there: More UHS-3 cards, a new tripod may be in order, and other little bits of kit here and there.

It was easy to make the decision, Panasonics have amazing video quality for the money and if I really do get into video, I can easily flip or keep as a second body.

My computer can handle this stuff, so luckily I didnt need to do much(aside from a native 4k monitor) to be able to work on the video.

Hahaha sorry for the life story, but excited to join the community!
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