New EM1 V2 or Nikon D500?


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Don't know if the D500 would do any better, but I want to get it down with the OLY before I worry about that.

The D500 can and it will, with much less effort. I know first hand as I've tested this. The D500/D5 are pretty much the best C-AF cameras on the planet right now. Not only that, but they get me where I want to be faster and with much less effort.


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The E-M1 v2 versus the D500 given your photography subject interests and current gear? Are you kidding get me? This is a difficult decision? Very sad IMHO, a no-Brainer decision.
==> D500


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It was enough of a test Mr Args :) They were both blind corners and the bikes literally explode into view. Only a couple of seconds within the range of the lens and no time to pick and choose.
I have used the E-M1 at the same event for several years, so I have plenty of comparisons.
These were jpg's as well. I often read that Nikon jpg's are crap.


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Actually with a good buffer, pre-capture doesn't really matter. In my past life when I shot equestrian events, and I'd assume as with any other sport, I would simply anticipate the shot and start shooting a second or two before the shot I'd want and discard what I didn't need. Mostly the problem was starting too soon and filling the buffer before the shot I wanted. Either the D500 or EM1 would easily handle this.

For indoor arena equestrian events I would have traded anatomy for an extra stop, and there were times I shot with a fast portrait lens to compensate to keep my ISO low enough. This is actually an area the EM1 would be better at, throw the 1.2 lens on it and you get the advantage of having wider dof, of course the D500 with a 2.8 lens would probably behave similarly.

I think the EM1 will be a very capable camera and it will be "good enough" for the majority. Ultimately it's a compromise camera, you're willing to trade the best for good enough either because of weight (D500/D5) or because of cost (D5).

I'm happily wedded to the m4/3 system for all the reasons we know and love (weight, size, lens selection, etc) but if you are making money shooting sports, unless you have a physical limitation which makes weight an issue it's hard to argue for the EM1. In my mind I keep thinking the right slogan should be "EM1 M2 - It's good enough".

A good assessment. I'm just getting used to the markII and have used Olympus and mostly Canon for acton/sports but I think the main purpose I see for the pre-capture is for wildlife, particularly birds, being relatively unpredictable in terms of anticipating their 'next move'. For human action, I'm just happy to see a steady improvement in tracking with mirrorless cameras in general. I think the Sony A9 buyers are also hoping for similar improvements that put the mirrorless systems on a par with some already acknowledged sports/action cameras from Nikon and Canon.

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