New E-M5 samples and measurements

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    Ian Burley of fourthirds-user has posted a whole set of new E-M5 samples, as well as side-by-side samples from the E-P3, G3 and Sony A55.

    Full resolution OM-D E-M5 samples compared to Pen E-P3, Lumix GH2 and Sony Alpha 55 (Four Thirds User)

    Unfortunately no publicly available version of ACR or C1 supports the E-M5, but other third party converters like RPP and DigiKam do, if you'd like to take a whirl.

    On a related note, Iliah Borg did some analysis of the RAW samples on DPR, and it looks like in terms of RAW output, the E-M5 is in fact exposing less than the 16MP Panasonics at the same ISO settings (2/3 stop less in fact).

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