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New E-M10 for Christmas I need advice about lenses

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by somerma, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. somerma

    somerma New to Mu-43

    Dec 29, 2014
    I have an Olympus E -510. I received the E-10 for christmas with a lens adapter. My old lenses will work for now but what would anyone suggest be the first micro four thirds lens I buy? Thanks for the advice.
  2. kenez

    kenez Mu-43 Regular

    Apr 18, 2012
    Well, of course your budget will be the primary factor in your decision. If you don't want to spend as much, or more, than what the camera itself cost then I would buy a lightly used, or refurbished, Olympus 12-50 zoom. Some people don't like it because its isn't very fast, aperture-wise, but for the money you get both an electronic and mechanical zoom mechanism, weather sealing, a macro-like mode, an extra function button on lens, a nice zoom range, and the ability to control the electronic zoom using the Olympus O.I. Share app. All of this for under $200! If you are willing to upgrade to the Pro line of Olympus lenses then I would go for the 12-40 F2.8 since it is a fast lens with excellent image quality. I have both lenses and think they are both well worth the money.
  3. Sujiar

    Sujiar Mu-43 Regular

    Dec 5, 2014
    NorCal, USA
    I've been having lots of fun with the BCL 9mmm fisheye lens. Makes the M10 shirt pocketable and gets some great shots for very few dollars.
  4. cyrax83

    cyrax83 Mu-43 Regular

    Dec 8, 2014
    I have the 12-40mm f/2.8, 25mm f/1.8 and 45mm f/1.8. All great lenses. The 12-40 is excellent versatile and the 25/45 primes are more compact and quite cheap.
  5. davidzvi

    davidzvi Super Moderator Subscribing Member

    Aug 12, 2012
    Outside Boston MA
    I like the Pan 14 / Sigma 30 / Sigma 60 set I have. And the best part? Not one was over $200. No these are not fast f/1.8 primes, only f/2.5-2.8, but it all depends on your budget.
  6. Carbonman

    Carbonman Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Jul 10, 2014
    Vancouver BC
    You've opened a real can of worms. How much do you have to spend and what do you like to shoot?
    If money's tight, a 40-150mm f4.0-5.6 'R' Oly zoom can be found for $119 on sale. They will also start to become more available used (and cheap) as owners replace them with the excellent but pricey ($1500) 40-150mm f2.8.
    The 12-40mm f2. 8 is an awesome lens, but is a little bulky for some and costs $900-$1000 new. If you buy one, spring for the ECG-1 accessory grip. It's well worth the $60.
    If you shoot a lot of available light, the Oly 25mm or 45mm f1.8 lenses are moderate cost choices listing at $400 each.
  7. Theo

    Theo Mu-43 Veteran

    Aug 26, 2013
    Theo K.
    For a first prime, O17, P20, PL25 or O25. For inexpensive zoom lenses, P14-45 or P12-32 and O40-150 are good bets. Any of the above can be bought used to save a bundle.

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  8. HarryS

    HarryS Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jun 23, 2012
    Midwest, USA
    That means you probably have the four thirds 14-42 and 40-150 zooms. No real need then to buy an inexpensive M43 14-42 or 40-150 unless you think the 4/3 zooms take too long to focus.

    Micro4/3 used to be about small fast primes, but now it seems the hot stuff are the fast (and big) PRO zooms. They're not for me, I'll stay with fast small primes. like the Panasonic 14mm f2.5, Olympus 17mm and 45mm, both f1.8. I also like the 9-18 zoom. That's like $1200-1300 worth of lenses. This stuff ain't cheap,
  9. pdk42

    pdk42 One of the "Eh?" team Subscribing Member

    Jan 11, 2013
    Leamington Spa, UK
    First buy? - for general use, it'll be hard to do better than the 17/1.8. It was my first and is still my most used lens.
  10. bigal1000

    bigal1000 Mu-43 Veteran

    Sep 10, 2010
    New Hampshire
    Oly 12-40 I just bought one for my EM10. I looked at a 17 1.8 and 45 1.8 those two will cost about the same as the O12-40 so I went for it instead of buying the two primes,glad I did.
  11. lrlebron

    lrlebron Mu-43 Top Veteran Subscribing Member

    Apr 8, 2013
    Huntsville, AL
    Luis R. Lebron
    This really depends on what you like to shoot. I have 3 primes Oly 17 1.8, 25 and 45. Since I like doing landscapes the 17 mm gets the most use. These are also the lenses I use in low light situations. The 45 is great for portraits.

    I also have 3 Oly zooms: the 9-18, the 14-42 and the 40-150. Both the 14-42 and 40-150 are very good lenses for the price. The 9-18 is a very good lens but on the expensive side.
  12. drd1135

    drd1135 Zen Snapshooter Subscribing Member

    Mar 17, 2011
    Southwest Virginia
    Welcome to the forum. Inexpensive purchases would be the Panasonic 14 f2.5 and the Olympus 17 f2.8. That latter is the older, cheaper pancake 17. It's not as good as the 17 1.8 but it can be had cheaply.

    For example: http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/181514706130?lpid=82
  13. Shifty

    Shifty Mu-43 Regular

    Dec 30, 2014
    Oklahoma City
    This is certainly my go-to lens and I use it about 80% of the time. It's great for everything (well, as long as you can physically be where you need to be to frame the pic). I use it for landscapes, general "street", and portraits. It's super fast and the results are gorgeous.
  14. fotomatix

    fotomatix Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 13, 2011
    Your challenge will be to limit yourself to a few (assuming you have a limited budget). The OLY and PANA lens universe is fabulous!

    I use the PRO 12-40mm f2.8 as my general 'go to' and when I want creamy bokeh for portraits or zoom in with limited access to my subject, I use the fabulous 75mm f1.8.

    Have fun.
  15. somerma

    somerma New to Mu-43

    Dec 29, 2014
    Thanks to all who replied. After doing more research today, I think I'm starting with the 17 1.8 and will start saving for others you all have recommended. Thanks so much for the help!
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  16. MadMarco

    MadMarco Mu-43 Veteran

    Oct 30, 2014
    Guildford, England
    You won't regret it.

    I bought a used 17mm f1.8 second hand off eBay and couldn't be happier. It's a great low light lens for pubs, parties and outdoors when you don't want to use the flash.
  17. Amin Sabet

    Amin Sabet Administrator

    Apr 10, 2009
    Boston, MA (USA)
    That's a great first lens. I'd strongly recommend the 45 1.8 as a second lens (when funds are available) to complement that one.
  18. Theo

    Theo Mu-43 Veteran

    Aug 26, 2013
    Theo K.
    I second that. It's an excellent lens. I don't know what the bad rap is about the 17f1.8 being inferior to the 12, 25 and 45. My copy is sharp wide open nearly all the way to the corners.

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