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    First pictures and preorder of the new Black magic Micro Four Thirds Cine Camera! | 43 Rumors

    It seems there is a new m43 video camera coming out! This is a very welcome addition for those who do video production. Overall it looks to be a much better deal than the Panasonic AF100. The BMC is $3000 MSRP and includes some powerful software while the AF100 is $5000 MSRP.

    The BMC is not entirely new however, it came out last year with an EF/EOS mount. I am sure they choose that mount to lure all the cinematographers away from the Canon DSLRs. The sensor is basically a 16:9 m4/3 sensor so using m4/3 mount actually makes much more sense.

    The AF100 does have some features that the BMC doesn't however. For instance the AF100 can use autofocus and the BMC is manual only. From what I can tell the AF100 is better able to deal with audio than the BMC. The Panasonic can also be used handheld where as the BMC requires some sort of rig. The AF100 also has built in ND filters and the BMC does not.

    I am glad to see this new camera and hope it will prompt more development in m4/3 video.
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    I don't think it is correct to call it an m4/3 camera; they are just using it as a useful general purpose mount. Sort of the closest thing to interchangeable mount in this price range.