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New Addition

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by 2112, Apr 26, 2014.

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  1. Jay86

    Jay86 Mu-43 Veteran

    Dec 26, 2012
    Nicely done :)  Thats a very nice/capable compact kit you have there. You could always put a rubber grip of some kind over top of the focus ring yourself and make it a little DIY project for the Sigma 60mm. Just a thought.
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  2. Search

    Search Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 23, 2014
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  3. Jay86

    Jay86 Mu-43 Veteran

    Dec 26, 2012
    Exactly the kind of thing I was thinking of, only one issue, I think this is too big for the Sigma with a 46mm front. According to the listing it works on 67mm - 110mm lenses.
  4. GFFPhoto

    GFFPhoto Mu-43 All-Pro

    Feb 24, 2013
    Add the 60. Trust me. Once you shoot with it you will get past the ring. It's up there with my best rendering lenses.
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  5. I have read in many reviews and posts that it is a very nice lens and may pick one up in the future.

    Thanks everyone.
  6. bhima

    bhima Mu-43 Regular

    Mar 25, 2014
    +1 to this. After much deliberation and research, the consensus in terms of actual performance for the 3 sharpest lenses in the m43 lineup goes like this: Oly 75 1.8, Nocticron, Sigma 60mm 2.8. Yep, that sigma is really that good (AND is many magnitudes cheaper than the other two on that list) at least from reading about it on the multitude of lens review sites and looking at image samples. It will definitely be in my bag here soon.
  7. pdk42

    pdk42 One of the "Eh?" team Subscribing Member

    Jan 11, 2013
    Leamington Spa, UK
    Is there a new edition of the 14? I thought they'd never updated it?
  8. GFFPhoto

    GFFPhoto Mu-43 All-Pro

    Feb 24, 2013
    Sharpness is just the beginning, it also has great contrast, color, transmission.....
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  9. QualityBuiltIn

    QualityBuiltIn Mu-43 Veteran

    Jan 1, 2011
    Edinburgh, Scotland
    I think 2112 means 'addition'. Obviously typed in a Rush:rolleyes: 
  10. pdk42

    pdk42 One of the "Eh?" team Subscribing Member

    Jan 11, 2013
    Leamington Spa, UK
    Ah, OK :redface:
  11. Yes sorry I meant addition!!! Yes it was in a Rush...

  12. pdk42

    pdk42 One of the "Eh?" team Subscribing Member

    Jan 11, 2013
    Leamington Spa, UK
    I know what you mean. I think it makes the lens look like a can of beans! :smile:
  13. wushumr2

    wushumr2 Mu-43 Regular

    May 20, 2013
    It's a great lens. Decided it was too long for the shooting I do, but it was fun while I had it.
  14. LowriderS10

    LowriderS10 Monkey with a camera.

    May 19, 2013
    Nice, but...You've got every focal length covered twice and don't have a true wide or anything even reasonably long. Not the route I would have taken...

    I do like your grip, though...what brand/model is that?

    Also...those lens bands...just use those blue rubber bands they use to tie broccoli stems together. They're free and will do the job on a small lens.
  15. Bull Winkle

    Bull Winkle Mu-43 Regular

    Feb 5, 2014
    Rush's greatest for sure, I have all 3 Siggy's along with the 14. I'm a poor man and that was the best I could do along with the two kit zooms that came with my cam, funny I don't feel poor with my kit.
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  16. I ordered the 14-42ez with the body for the combo discount and wanted a lower range FL zoom. When I was shooting with my 7d I used a 10-22mm for my wide lens, but didn't really like the fisheye look on the edges of my pictures. The 14mm is wide enough for my indoor shooting and plenty wide for landscapes IMO. My wife has a 40-150mm Olympus in her bag that I have access to for a longer reach when needed.

    The grip is the Olympus ECG-1 and works great.

    Rush fan for Life!!!

    I'm looking at maybe adding the Sigma 60mm to my kit, but that smooth focus ring makes the lens very ugly to me. After selling just one of my Canon "L" lenses I was able to purchase my kit and one lens for my wife's and really am enjoying the small package and photography again. What I like is that I don't stand out with this smaller camera when shooting like I did with my heavy/large DSLR gear and I'm back to carrying my camera with me almost everywhere.
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  17. MiguelATF

    MiguelATF Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jul 9, 2012
    Somewhere in Southern Oregon
    Miguel Tejada-Flores
    With regards to the smooth (metal) focus ring of the new(er) Sigma "Art" lenses (which seem to be almost optically identical to the older 'textured' plastic barrel ones) - I have to tell you that, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, the smooth focus ring works well and easily. At least, it does so on the Sigma 30mm DN/Art lens (which I just purchased from a fellow forum member) - I've been using mine for quite a bit of specialized focusing with the lens wide open at maximum aperture - in 'manual focus' mode -

    And the smooth focus ring works like a champ.

    So if that's the only thing holding you back - my suggestion is to at least consider it anyway.


  18. I'm sure it performs very well, I just can't stand the looks of the new Sigma lenses with the smooth rings.
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