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Discussion in 'Welcomes and introductions' started by F/Stop, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. F/Stop

    F/Stop Mu-43 Veteran

    Mar 9, 2013
    West Virginia
    Brian Y.
    Hi all! I never introduced myself before posting here on the forums, as i was just too excited to find a :43: forum!

    I would like to start out saying that this is a great bunch of fellows and ladies here and i like i can find truthful comments and critique here. thanks!

    My name is Brian Y. and i live in the wonderful state of WV. I am 26 and have been working with Acura And Honda for the past 7 years. I currently work with Acura in Virgina as a Master Acura Technican and Master ASE Technician.

    As you can tell i greatly enjoy taking pictures. I fell out of photography some years ago as i got bored the the Olympus e500 i had, and truthfully, was tired of taking it places with me. Something got into me where i really wanted to get back into it again as an enthusiast and to possibly do some side-work for some extra income. So after much research i decided to go full in and invest in the :43: system, and i dont think ill ever look back!

    As years go by, i get more tired or working on cars and turning wrenches, Dont get me wrong, i love cars, actually its a love hate. Cars were my obsession, then my career, it kind of ruined it as a hobby. So now i seek photography as my new obsession and hobby as i purely enjoy it everytime i take the OMD out. :thumbup: One day i hope to quit the automotive industry and become a full time photographer, but in the near future, a part time gig will suffice just fine. :2thumbs:

    I also have started my own website / blog to review products and more importantly as an online portfolio of my work, and i hope one day, it will be as big as some other blogs around the interwebz. :2thumbs: You can find the links in my signature, and if you have time, please drop by, its not much yet as i dont have a whole lot of time to update it.

  2. Fmrvette

    Fmrvette This Space For Rent

    May 26, 2012
    Detroit, Michigan
    Hi Brian,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Former wrench here, too. Hobby turned into profession - then that quickly paled. Much more fun as a hobby :biggrin:. I left automotive mechanics to go into I.T. a quarter century ago and never looked back. Computers do not drip icy salt water in your face while you're working on them, and you don't need a hoist.

    I do a bit of modifying of my own autos these days, but repairs I turn over to my local automotive shop. Mounting a winch or rear bumper on a Jeep can be fun, changing brake disks or changing the oil is just a pain in the backside.

    Glad you took a moment to say 'hello'.


  3. entropicremnants

    entropicremnants Mu-43 All-Pro

    Jul 16, 2012
    John Griggs
    Welcome! I enjoy it here myself.
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