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Nov 16, 2012
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I have a friend who wants to get a favorite photo printed. (I believe the photo was taken with a Nikon dslr, but don't ask me which one.) I think the photo is a jpeg. He's not familiar with LR or any other photo processing program, so he's going to have to rely on the printing service to get it reasonably right. He's had disappointing results with drugstore printing services. He's probably looking for a print in the 13" x 19" range, maybe even 11" x 17".

Any suggestions? I checked the previous posts and saw favorable things about Costco and Adoramapix, although they didn't address the issue of having the printing service do the tweaking.

Thanks much.


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Aug 8, 2019
If you have a place you trust to get prints done, can't you tweak the photo yourself and tell your friend to use that place?

I have used mpix for printing with good results. I also used adoramapix, and they had more options, but took significantly longer. Results good with both.

I got some small prints done, then i compared them to my monitor in a dim room and adjusted my monitor to match. Then I bought a colorimeter and calibrated the display and my own tweaks really weren't far off. Then i adjusted my edits to look good on the calibrated display and sent them to get printed and they came back looking great. My display is by no means a high end production display or anything crazy either.

I have no experience with letting the printer tweak the photo. I specifically check the box labeled DO NOT EDIT/CORRECT MY PHOTOS or something of that nature, but my guess is they have at least one decent monitor and can get it close.

Good luck!


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Aug 7, 2015
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I'm in Sweden so this might not be the same as in your place.

When I did my first serious print (40x70 cm I think, on canvas) I went to a local Photo shop (They sell a few cameras but I think the main business is taking passport pictures and portraits and printing pictures). They had 2 guys in the backroom working on pictures and I got to talk to one of them to help me get the picture right for printing.
So I would suggest looking for a smaller shop that is photo oriented and gives personal service, if that is possible in your location.
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