Need help with flicker/yahoo


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Jan 7, 2017
I recently received notice from yahoo that their new policy requires that I allow them to have
complete access to all of my email accounts so they can share it with whom ever they choose if I do not agree to these terms my account will be deleted, well bully for them they win I will cancel my account, my question is I got this email account when I joined flicker and am not sure if I can use another email account . I know a lot of the members here use flicker and am wondering if anybody else might point me in the right direction.


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Dec 2, 2017
West Virginia
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Matt Prince
All I can tell you is yahoo/Verizon has sold Flickr to Smugmug. If you're ok with that, no need to do anything as Flickr content will be switched to SmugMug's servers in late May. If you're not ok with that you'll have to delete your Flickr account by May 25th.
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