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    I have 3 lenses I want to sell, 2 of them with "problems." Since I bought them in a lot of four from a local guy who's thinning out his collection, I don't have a good sense of what their individual value may be. Your more-experienced opinions are welcomed.

    1. Jupiter-12 35mm f2.8 - I believe it's a Contax mount. Very unusual lens, and as far as I know, cannot be adapted to M43 - because of protruding rear element.
    2. Rikenon 55mm f1.4 w M42 mount. Heavy lens, built like a tank. It needs some work. I discovered, on a day of walking around with it, that the entire front assembly moves in and out about 1 - 2 mm, enough to disrupt focus if you're not careful. Otherwise, a nice lens.
    3. Spiratone Expandar 28mm f2.8 w M42 mount. Won't focus, focus ring just spins around and around with no effect. Maybe it's repairable, but maybe it's just junk?

    The lens I kept is a Zenitar 16mm f2.8 fish eye. Fun to play with.

    Thanks for your advice in helping me to put a value on these things.

    5/17 - adding images of the Jupiter-12:
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    Apr 19, 2012
    If it truly is contax mount, there are TONS of adapters available from ebay for as low as ~10 euros (and shipping is free). (Contax C/Y mount) There's also a contax G mount adapter, but that was at a hefty ~100€ price. (I didn't look hard enough, there might be cheaper alternatives.)
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