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Need a street fashion camera. Too many choices.

Discussion in 'This or That? (MFT only)' started by cbreiland, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. cbreiland

    cbreiland New to Mu-43

    Aug 1, 2014
    So I primarily shoot in studio portraits on a d600 (f16+1/180th). I have the f1.8 35/50/85 trinity and love them until I have to carry them around for long periods of time (tendonitis in my upper back means any weight is too much over time). I absolutely adore the image quality and rendering.

    I'm starting a street fashion blog, and need something to take on cycling day trips. I want something I can worry about a little less, and won't leave me screwed if it breaks (also need to send my d600 in for leaky shutter repair, so something to cover the repair time would be a godsend). I really prefer posed portraiture, but do quickly snap at cyclists who will never stop for me (flip screen would be a huge plus here).

    I am currently leaning towards a gx7+25mm 1.4 combo (adding a 14mm/15mm later). Also considering an em10 or ep5 (25 1.8 + 17) or x100s. 35 equiv is easier for full bodies, 50 equiv is better for details.

    The intended use is the biggest thing. The x100s would be a niche camera, only really for street/casual work (I could get a cheap nikon crop body as a TC/video rig down the line), leaf shutter could be VERY useful to me in the future. Pana/Oly could pull double duty as teleconverters (I don't own long teles), or do gigs if the nikon goes down, but then they become more mission critical which leads me to baby them more.

    Would really love any opinions on peoples thoughts of the usability of the cameras, their quirks while using them, how well they do street/portrait.

    Biggest technical concerns are IQ and AF in that order, but if one is really bad, its a deal breaker.

    I'm holding off for now, shooting my 35/50 to get a feel for focal length (plus photokina, I am a total gearhead).

    One street shot @ 35mm, and one posed portrait @85mm for example:

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  2. Jonathan F/2

    Jonathan F/2 Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Aug 10, 2011
    Los Angeles, USA
    E-M10 gets my vote as the current best street cam for M43. Everything about it is just right.
  3. val

    val Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Dec 19, 2013
    I own a GX7 and use it for everything, I love it for outdoor shooting.

    I will say that the E-M10 has a better EVF though.
  4. Bif

    Bif Mu-43 Top Veteran

    May 28, 2012
    San Angelo TX
    Bruce Foreman
    I have the GX7, a pair of GH3s, and a GH4, in addition to an Oly OMD E-M5.

    The GX7 is my "go anywhere" camera, often with the Lumix 14-45 (metal barrel lens). It's equally at home doing street shots, scenics, closeups, and I occasionally do serious portraits with it. I recently did portraits of my daughter using the m.zuiko 45mm f1.8 and the m.zuiko 75mm f1.8.

    It "travels" in a fair small bag with a couple of lenses.

    Now folks may wonder at you using a small "tourist" looking camera (there can be an advantage to that) for portraits but when you show them that first well posed, well composed shot any misgivings disappear.

    I've converted completely from Canon to m4/3, my back and shoulders thank me for that, the lenses are lighter, smaller (some incredibly small) and I've given up nothing in the way of sharpness.

    The GX7 with the Lumix 20mm f1.7 makes a very compact flexible setup.
  5. ex machina

    ex machina Mu-43 All-Pro Subscribing Member

    Jan 3, 2014
    Baltimore, MD
    Nice portraits. The GX7's Silent mode may come in handy for street photography if there's ever a need for stealth. I've also used it in quiet concert settings where a noisy shutter and focus confirmation beep would just be rude. You might also consider getting an m43 adaptor to leverage some of your legacy glass, you'll be focusing manually but focus-peaking and posed subjects should make that less of or perhaps even a non-issue. Good luck!
  6. cbreiland

    cbreiland New to Mu-43

    Aug 1, 2014
    @val - I agree, and the stabilized view is pretty incredible.

    @ Bif - Why the GX7 over the OMD for a go-everywhere?

    @ex-machina - Thanks. What are the limits on the silent shutter in practical use? What can't you do with it?
  7. ex machina

    ex machina Mu-43 All-Pro Subscribing Member

    Jan 3, 2014
    Baltimore, MD
    Silent mode = electronic shutter with some "tells" disabled. I think the major potential issues are that under fluorescent lighting some banding may occur, and moving subjects may be distorted; flash is also disabled and the autofocus assist lamp won't turn on, idea being you are in stealth mode. I've yet to encounter any situations where these issues have been a problem, but YMMV.
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  8. wildwildwes

    wildwildwes Mu-43 Veteran

    Jun 9, 2012
    Brooklyn, NY
    hey cb...

    I shot fashion for decades (both in studio and in the street on locatoin) -- also with big Nikon brutes (and yeah, even thought the D800e was a little toy when I first bought it!). I too have back issues from lugging around HEAVY gear for ongoing 30 years so I can relate...

    Like others here, I own several m43 bodies and each has its endearing qualities. That said, my go to "stills" camera is the OLY E-M1. IT's built like a tank, has the incredible 5 axis IBIS and at the end of the day produces results that are hard to distinguish from my full frame Nikons... Lens wise, you can't go wrong with the PL-25 you mentioned as well as the Oly 45, 75 and one of the two fast medium zooms (my preference at the moment is for the OLY 12-40 PRO, but the Lumix PANY 12-35 is equally superb I'm told).

    Just my two sense... Good luck and keep us posted on what you decide to go with!
  9. Klorenzo

    Klorenzo Mu-43 All-Pro

    Mar 10, 2014
    Do you need an EVF? If not the EPL-5 could be a cheap option (saving money for the lenses, same sensor of the EM-10) or the upcoming EPL-7. Both are pocketable with a pancake lens and have only one dial for settings.

    GX-7 vs EM-10? I think are both great cameras. The GX-7 has nice features like 1/8000s, and electronic shutter. The Oly has IBIS for videos too and I suspects could have a better IBIS overall. Oly is more customizable, but with more complex menus. Not much difference for me. I have a EM-10, never tried the other one.
  10. bwc1976

    bwc1976 Mu-43 Rookie

    Jul 30, 2012
    Spring Valley, CA
    I have the 14-45 too, always great to hear from others that are happy with it!
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