Need 2nd Camera - G7 w/14-140 or FZ1000 or ???

Discussion in 'This or That? (MFT only)' started by jgmankos, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. jgmankos

    jgmankos Mu-43 Regular

    Apr 9, 2012
    Slatington, PA
    Looking for a 2nd camera to complement my EM5ii. Mainly looking for a) Video capabilities and b) Something that is a one camera/lens 'walkaround' for when I don't want to take the EM5ii and my lenses (I shoot mainly primes with the EM5ii anyway).

    One main consideration is I want to be able to take high quality video. Don't necessarily need 4k but I do want good video functionality.

    Where I'm at so far is I'm considering a kit with the G7/14-140 (currently $899) or the FZ1000 (currently $697). I'd prefer not to spend this much on either of these options, if there's maybe a cheaper option I'd definitely look at it. I'm not opposed to a Point & Shoot style camera but I want a decent zoom and good image quality.

  2. ijm5012

    ijm5012 Mu-43 Legend

    Oct 2, 2013
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Do you find the video from your E-M5 II inadequate? If not, why not use your E-M5 II for video, pick up a weather sealed 14-150 II, and then just buy a used E-M5 for dirt cheap. You'd be familiar with the layout and menus, the E-M5 still has excellent IQ, and you'd have two weather sealed cameras.

    BUT, if you really are serious about video and HAVEN'T played with 4K yet, once you do it is extremely difficult to go back to 1080p. If you don't need weather sealing in your second body, the G7 is an unbelievable value. Excellent EVF, fully articulating screen, great still IQ, better 4K at higher ISO when compared to the GH4 (it has less noise), dual control dials. It's a wonderful camera, but it isn't weather sealed (again, I'm not certain if that's a big deal or not for you).

    I personally wouldn't buy the FZ1000 just for its 4K. It's much larger than a m43 camera, and it doesn't offer you flexibility of changing lenses (with two m43 cams, you could carry both cameras with a prime on each if you desire). I would either say go for a G7 if you want excellent video and don't care about weather sealing, or pick up a used E-M5 and use your E-M5 II for video (if you find it's good enough).
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  3. specialagenttuna

    specialagenttuna Mu-43 Regular

    Apr 19, 2013
    There's the fz300 and lx100 that might be worth looking into.

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  4. MoonMind

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    Oct 25, 2014
    I agree with Ian above: Since you already have the E-M5 II, I'd recommend getting the Olympus 14-150mm II as a superzoom solution. It has solid IQ, is weather-sealed and compact, plus it adds reach to any prime set that doesn't contain the 300mm f/4. It'd turn your E-M5 II into a great travel option (maybe accompanied by the 17mm f/1.8 or 25mm f/1.8 for low light situations).

    The G7 kit with the 14-140mm sure looks like a very good offer - albeit at more than twice the price of a 14-150mm II. I have to add here that video is not my thing - but I'm pretty sure the G7 should beat everything Olympus has on offer. But it can only play to its strengths with a lens that compensates for the lack of I.B.I.S. (like the 14-140mm II). That's why I personally would look into an E-M10 (I) or E-M5 (I) as a second body - I.B.I.S. is such a great asset ...

    Whatever you do, I think it pays in the long run to build up a system - so in my opinion, a second body is to be preferred over a "compact" (i.e. all-in-one) camera, even one as proficient as the FZ1000 (or LX100, for that matter). The FZ300 mentioned above is an interesting beast and has 4K to boot - but I've looked into its imaging capabilities, and it's simply nowhere near :mu43: - whereas the FZ1000 and LX100 come close (and are fully competitive in good light). But neither actually fits your :mu43: system. It's a supplement rather than an addition.

  5. listers_nz

    listers_nz Mu-43 Veteran

    Nov 22, 2013
    Christchurch, New Zealand
    If you are looking for compact, then it may be worth waiting for the upcoming Panasonic ZS100/TZ100. 1" sensor with 25-250mm lens (not a particularly fast lens, but then neither is the 14-140) and does 4K video. It won't be available until late March, and there aren't enough early reviews out yet to judge what it's quality is like. Looks like it will be about the same price as the FZ1000, so not cheap, but definately a lot easier to carry :)

    The G7 with 14-140mm II is slightly smaller and lighter than the FZ1000, but there isn't much in it - so it is really a choice between large sensor/interchangeable slow lens vs smaller sensor/fixed fast lens. See:
    Compact Camera Meter
    (Note that camerasize don't have the 14-140mm II on their list, but it is almost identical in size to the 12-35mm)
  6. jgmankos

    jgmankos Mu-43 Regular

    Apr 9, 2012
    Slatington, PA
    It's not that I find it inadequate...I just didn't envision putting the E-M5 ii on the tripod. Just thinking ahead to some upcoming events for daughter is in her high school musical production next month and has a featured role so I wanted to video it for her and put it on a DVD...(they allow parents to preview and photograph/video the production on 'media night' which is their last dress rehearsal)...but at the same time I'd also want to be shooting some stills here and there and the E-M5 ii is my shooter.

    I guess I just hadn't considered that route...but sure an option could be to just use the E-M5 ii for the video and pick up an E-M5 i or an E-M10 as a cheap shooter. Thanks for the input!
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