ND filter sloution for Sam/Rok 7.5

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    I did this a while ago and have been pretty happy with the results - https://www.mu-43.com/showthread.php?t=59267&p=589743#post589743
    Was messing around with a Cokin A series filter holder which I use with ND grads on my 12-40 and discovered that the 62mm adaptor ring fits perfectly over the front of the sam/rok 7.5! Now I did have the petals of the lens hood machined down so that they were flush with the front of the lens - not sure oif this would work with the standard hood. You have to rotate the filter holder 90 deg from "normal" so obviously you can't use grad ND's.
    There's very little vignetting when shot at 4:3 and it's almost negligable when shot at 3:2





    P1130200 3to2.
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