Navitar 50mm F0.95 c-mount

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    Need to use a 5mm extension as the lens body is too fat to fit directly into the c-mount adapter (Fotodiox).

    Bun-bun is my youngests fav.

    Wide open

    Stopped to F0.28

    A house and plant that happened to be right there!

    Wide open

    Stopped to F2.8

    Some white roses out on the front porch lit by the porch light.


    See my critter thread under NATURE for a shot of our new scorpion.

    The Navitar 50mm F0.95 is pretty soft but does sharpen fairly well at F2.8.
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    May 10, 2011
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    It is kinda soft but at 0.95 all are like that. The color seems to be nice on the lens:thumbup: